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  1. So I can start my own thread and there I can explain affiliate program for my product (not other's)? will not include that link but I will include my website's link from where any interested person can catch the affiliate? and it is allowed? I know its not a support thread but answer of these question might help future member. Thanks in advance
  2. I want to list my affiliate link and proposal for affiliate marketers. Only I do not know if this is allowed in this forum and if it does how to do that without raising an alarm bell?
  3. Once we had Google PR but now a handful number of metrics are floating in the air. Which one to respect when trying to enhance exposure and build a brand?
  4. Hello World - John P. here :)

    Welcome to the party! Me here too for the same reason. TPH is the one I am using for my primes
  5. Existing links

    Does these links hurting your old site? if it is hurting your old site then it might hurt your new one as well unless it relates to the links perfectly. And if those links are doing good to your old site then they will also do good to your new site as Richard has said already.
  6. Which web hosting service you use ?

    I have used wpengine, Hostgator and siteground but now I use trafficplanet for some good reason. wpengine were good but they lacked some technological issue so I had to go to site ground. It was ok and then I discovered their poor performance despite of their good customer support I had to move. I've used hostgator for many of my early blogs their shared hosting plan is solid.
  7. Is there a way to easily find and engage with relevant bloggers for guest posting or link exchanging?
  8. All of the above suggestions are great. I just want to append a few here 1. When the asking hourly rate is low it doesn't mean that it will produce poor results. but when people are asking only $3 or $5 per hour I start to wonder. 2. Do not go with the one who has worked less (at least 20 jobs or 500 hours). 3. If you want to go cheap ask for previous results. 4. Never hire someone who has lower than 4.5 out of 5. 5. Start small. Give then a small project and judge by the result 6. It is good to trust but not in the initial steps. test, test , test. 7. Do not offer to do SEO who is your writer/Social Media manager. 8. Always communicate through Odesk/eLance/etc. At least first few month try to avoid contacting or giving instruction via skype or email. If something goes wrong then you can produce these as an evidence to the agency (odesk/elance)
  9. Anyone has tried to monetized a plugin? How did it went? Any new ideas?
  10. what holds people back online?!

    Another important factor is lack of resources. Strong willpower also makes difference.
  11. Paypal Payment issue

    I don't know how crazier it sounds but They must have a system what may hold any scheduled payment until you approve it one by one. Or I wonder does they already have this and I don't know about it. A lot of customer refrain themselves from buying any service that has a monthly recurring payment option. I remember when I bought a service and Thy were not allowing me to unsubscribe from their service meanwhile a nice amount was being deducted each month. I had to disapprove it by logging into Paypal . It is frustrating!
  12. Deindexed PBN Sites

    Yeah! What a mess. Now its time to build something authentic.
  13. I know its way long time. And probably you have find a good optional way to find great writers and may even tried automate the advertising part. Just for record You can easily find a great deal of good and great writers on the freelancing marketplace like Elance.com or Odesk.com I personally use Odesk for hiring. To find a real good writer on those marketplaces you need to be a bit more selective. Try to interview the person directly via skype, never hire a person who has ratings below 4. Go for Asian freelancer to save your bucks without sacrificing the quality. And to advertise to bloggers or whoever you can try my new software Ninjaoutreach Thanks
  14. I agree with Richard and Sudorank. I will add another line here, You should try to create an authority site or convert your existing one and provide useful insight about latest SEO trends. That will help you gain trust when you outreach to your prospect. Make an appealing product then advocate for it. To retain client there is no other way to provide proportional result in the sales. Best of Luck!