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  1. Keyword Research Tool

    Google keyword tool is good if you are starting out. If not then go with Long Tail Pro, i have it and i like it alot
  2. I have used serpbook but now i moved on to serpwoo as its way better and offers lots of insights.
  3. what holds people back online?!

    I think one of the most know issue is not taking action.Peolpe like to read but then they don't take action on what they are reading.Insteed they move to another method or ebook.
  4. I can help out with that too.Send me a PM if you are still looking to buy some links.
  5. For PLR/MMR prodcuts Wordpress should do the job. You can search for themes on themeforest, they pretty much have it all.As for gateway's you can use different ones.The most simple and popular ones are Paypal and 2checkout.Ofcourse there are more out there but you just have to do you research and pick the ones that best suits your business.
  6. Yeah, i don't think it will be a problem.Just make sure you do what John said and try not to use to many affiliate links in those posts.
  7. No ranking drops here. And no there is no confirmation of an update going on. Not as far as i know though
  8. 2015 Goals - Hold Yourself Accountable

    I do have various goals for the whole 2015 like getting my web design/seo agency up and running here in my country,making a big ass authority site and start my own personal blog. All these are put into smaller goals monthly/weekly Good thread.
  9. Yup 301 your networks sites its not a good idea. I suggest you leave it as it is, they will fall back after some time.Don't worry
  10. Nice round-up Siraj and nice website And yes Matt's response is the best one. Thanks for sharing this.
  11. I don't really use chrome I too try too keep away from G's products.
  12. Check this Youtube tutorial by Matt : http://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/tutorials/youtube-marketing-optimization-part-1-channel-videos Everything you need about youtube marketing is in there.Hope it helps.
  13. Allow myself to introduce....myself

    Welcome to TF. That site of yours looks familiar I know i saw it before but can't remeber where. Enjoy your stay here at TF.
  14. FTP sharring

    I never heard of something like this. But if you need some free space on some servers just open a thread and ask for help. Im sure lots of the members here will gladly help.
  15. Hit me up on PM if you still looking.