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  1. I can see a result with just ip address here (payday loan search)
  2. Blog Blueprint dead now too

    high pr vault service is also closed now. They have got more than 60% of domain deindexed
  3. End of BMR

    high pr vault service is also closed now. They have got more than 60% of domain deindexed
  4. Hi,

    I have sent you a PM.

  5. My SEO Experiment

    Hi, Guys, sorry for not replying. I will update the thread within 1-2 days. @kakaboo : It is exact match search. I am not that stupid.
  6. Hi Rajesh, Thanks for the post. May be i will also it to see the effects.
  7. My SEO Experiment

    I increase link velocity as time passes. Started building about 20 links per day. Now after 1 month building about 300 links per day.
  8. My SEO Experiment

    I use following tools : 1) Senuke x 2) AMR 3) Scrabebox 4) High pr network (subscription service)
  9. My SEO Experiment

    Thanks for the concern but my 30 days old site is now already ranking on page 1. (If you wanna know the site name, i can PM you so that you can be sure)
  10. Hello Members, I am learning SEO since last 2-3 months. I decided to start this thread just for my motivation and help myself and all of you to clear some seo myths. Here are some details about my project Niche : Health Niche Domain Name : Newly Registered .com domain Website : It currently has 300 unique posts on it which were drip feed in last 30 days. Interesting thing is that out of 300, 280+ posts are just spun posts (95%+ Unique). Keyword : Very competitive, 400,000 exact searches Current Rankings : page 1 I want to know if the following things have effect on seo or not : 1) Exact Match Domain - (My site is way far from exact match domain) 2) Keyword In The Domain - (My site doesn't contain even the keyword) 3) Ranking HomePage ( I am trying to rank an inner page) 4) Do not Post Spun Articles On Your Own Domain ( I have 90% + most which are just spun articles - They make very little sense but each of them is at least 95% unique) 5) Length Of The Article Should be between 400 to 700. (My article is 11,000+ words long). Many may argue that i am just stacking up spam posts by publishing spun articles. My take is different. I am using those articles for internal backlinking + authorization Purposes. I will not reveal keyword or URL just now but may be doing it in the future.
  11. Hello All, I am Harry. I am hoping to contribute and learn many things from this forum. May we all have fun!