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  1. Google is the most popular search engine in the search industry. Therefore, as a blogger, it's important you follow their guidelines in order to be loved by them (not necessarily ranking high for some search terms). Below are just 6 of things you should do in order for blog to be Google-loved; Fast Load Time Post Frequency - Posting Regularly Quality Content Excellent Navigation Social Follows Responsiveness - Responsive Blog
  2. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. I know this question isn't a very nice question. But bear with me. I am very curious about this. I have tested both and I've come to see that PPC traffic beats PPV traffic. Well, that's my own test and view of the matter. I've even created a detailed article about it explaining my reasons. But a man is not an island. I want to know your take on this matter too. Please give reasons also.
  4. I did not notice any ranking drop in end. My rankings are okay and stable. But the penguin update is still on course. I think that's what is affecting the ranking.
  5. Well that's no problem. If you continue putting on great content on your website, you'll do well. Just make sure the content you put are very informative and you'll excel.
  6. Yeah. Link authority will not be carried over. But there is enough traffic to the amazon page, then you don't have to worry much about link juice.
  7. Hello everyone, I've been an email marketer for almost a decade now and I can authoritatively tell you that email marketing is not dead as opposed to what other marketers may have told you. Nevertheless, there are mistakes that might ruin your email marketing campaigns if proper care is not taken. I've done a lot of time-cracking research to bring to you all 6 critical mistakes that can ruin your email marketing campaigns. Please permit me to refer you all to my blog post; Email Marketing – Don’t Make These 6 Critical Mistakes My intention is not to spam this forum but to provide meaningful content to all members. Please if this post is considered as a spam, I'll have no bad feeling if it's removed. Thanks and Enjoy reading it.
  8. 1) General Acceptability A good currency must be generally accepted by the citizens of the country. So also is high quality content. If a content is not acceptable, it'll will be rejected or waved at thus making it a valueless content 2) Standardized Content that's of high quality is capable of ranking very high in the search engine result pages and can withstand any amount of tweak or change in their respective algorithms. 3) Divisibility A good currency can be divided into smaller parts known as denominations. Highly engaging unique content must be specific, focused, and should address a specific problem. Check this very good example of a highly unique specific content. 4) Recognizable A good currency must be immediately and easily recognized. That's the hallmark of a real currency (or money). A great content must also be immediately and easily recognized right from the headline or title to the last sentence or paragraph.
  9. 2015 Goals - Hold Yourself Accountable

    My goal in 2015 is to create more highly engaging content for my visitors and increase my overall earnings.
  10. First site/nav links using 'home' anchor?

    In my blog. I do not use a keyword. Home is okay. Remember you are not creating a site because of search engines alone. It's primarily because of visitors. Web surfers are used to the "home" tab as the first link in the main navigation bar. So I'll highly recommend you use the "home" link. Even top search engine marketers do the same.
  11. You are right to some extent Richard. Yes it's very vital not to use Google's product on your blog network. But that doesn't mean Google cannot detect your activities if they want. Remember, they have the resources in their disposal and can pretty much get away with whatever information they deem necessary. You just have to be more than careful. But avoiding Google totally is impossible.
  12. Good decision. But be careful when using PBN links. They are very dangerous and if Google notices a leak, you out of their search engine. But anyways, make sure you write great content on your money site always. Don't worry. Backlinks will come.
  13. That's why it is becoming increasingly important for us marketers have a solid schedule of sending email to our subscribers. If it's has been long you did send a message to your subscriber, it'll be best to just remind them how and why they subscribed. That may be able to refresh their memory and keep them away from heating the dreaded "spam" button.
  14. You're not "actually" gaming Google by using Chrome tools. Buffer app is actually for social media engagement. Moz tool bar is for SEO and link building research NOT link building itself. I have been using it for many years and I haven't seen any harm in to. Even Danny Sulivan the creator did recommend it. Let's get something right. A tool is a tool. It doesn't mean because it's inside Chrome sow Google will detect every bit of data you send. Even other link building tool requires Google's API for some data to extrapolated. Personally, I do not see any harm to if it. If you do then please correct me with complete analysis. Thanks.
  15. Although there are many chrome plugins out there, these 5 plugins is a must-have for every online marketer. They are: Buffer App SEOmoz Toolbar Check My Links Open SEO Stats - Formerly PageRank Status Nofollow Share yours...