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  1. I have a question?

    I will go ahead and pile on. No No No... If you think about it what would it change? Magically Google is not going to notice that the two sites are linked to each other?
  2. Time to diversify your traffic if you have not done so already.
  3. I should have came by on Friday. The content studio would have been a great deal but it is sold out now so I missed out.
  4. I agree it somewhat depends on your definitions of high and low quality links as they do not mean the same to everyone. You need to have a variety of link types and yes it is good to have some untargeted ones but those do not have to be low quality. For instance take blog comments. They are good to have in your link mix but there are two basic ways to use them. You can do manual "quality" comments or automated "quantity" comments but doing the later to a money site is not a good idea. Go for a variety of link types and make sure you include plenty of links that are not keyword targeted and you should be fine even if most or all of them come from what most would consider to be quality sites.
  5. This is something that way too many people do not think about or take into account. Just because something has the potential to make money does not mean it is something that you can or want to make money doing. Make sure that the money making activity is both something you can and want to do before spending money and time on it.
  6. Like all link building you need to balance the effort and money with the benefit of those specific links. In this case since your link will probably be sharing the page with quite a few other links you probably only want to work on well ranked powerful sites for the links to make sense. Automate it as much as possible to get the time down as much as possible and it could be worth adding these links to your sites. Something to keep in mind is that even not very great links have a place in your link building. Having a varied and diversified link profile is something you want to have even if not all the links are "great".
  7. This is actually a pretty good method, somewhat surprised the thread has not gotten more action over the years. The last two posts are somewhat worthless and I see one of them has already been banned but at least they did unbury a post worth reading so there is that.
  8. I tell people this all the time. Stop hammering your list with crappy affiliate offers but they keep doing it and then act surprised when they keep getting large numbers of people unsubscribing from their list.
  9. If you nurture and segment your list correctly keeping people on your list for a long time and getting them to buy later down the road is not all that hard. The #1 reason people drop off a list is because they get spammed with too much crappy affiliate offers. Make most of your emails educational and you will not have that problem.
  10. I think most companies are going the app route rather than sms when it comes to interacting with their customers on mobile
  11. How many times are you reminding them about the review. It seems like there would be a fine line between reminding and "nagging" which might not get you the best response.
  12. Your favorite Social Network

    I have to go with Pinterest and Facebook
  13. Pretty much what upsells are all about. Once people are giving up that credit card number and feeling good about a purchase hit them with an additional product to buy.