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  1. What is your best traffic source?

    Most of my traffic comes from social media such as pins on Pinterest and Facebook page. I'm also very active on several Facebook groups. I get some traffic from Google search and other search providers, but that traffic does not convert as well for me. I've used paid ads on Adwords and Facebook ads successfully, though this strategy usually works best when the traffic is sent to an email sign up page, rather than to a sales page. Any type of free 2 week trial subscription offer works well for paid advertising. This gives the person visiting your site a good reason to go ahead and try out what you are offering without hesitation as they know it's free for a limited time only.
  2. New Account for Adsense

    According to Google, the answer is no. Once your account is banned (and repeals of ban are rejected), there is no way to legally get a secondary Adsense account. https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/57153?hl=en#q3 So maybe, you are asking for a way around the rules. And, some here have already suggested ideas for how to get around the ban (by starting a new account). You could try to implement some of those ideas. And, it would take a lot of work, including changing your personal info and IP when starting/using the new account. The only problem is this. Google will want to verify your home address by mailing you a pin before first payout. And, this pin will go to your home address. If you use your home address, the same one from your last account, you will likely get instantly banned as they will match that address to your former account. Now there is a possibility you could have that pin mailed to a parent or friends home. Another option would be to have a family member such as a spouse (who has a separate social security number/ID/name/bank account) to open the account for you. Obviously, that person would be living at your same address. You can find out more information about hte address verification process here. https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/157667?hl=en Still, you would need a new bank account for online bank transfer of funds. And, I'm not saying any of those ideas are within the rules of Google, just that you could do it. For the effort that all this takes, it might just be easier to find an alternate income source. Lots of ways to earn money online, not just Adsense. And, I know that's not what you were asking, but if it comes down to it, you have that option.
  3. And, I really see your point of view here. From the view of the affiliate, it can be frustrating not being able to link directly to an affiliate site. However, on the other hand, when you consider how linking direct is not the best pre-sell method for affiliate marketing, maybe this is a good thing. You can always link to an affiliate product review page from those forums that don't allow affiliate links. And, this will give you the chance to warm up the prospect to the idea of buyng the product. Another reason that I like those presell pages is how you also have the chance to get potential customers to optin to your email list. You have a very good point. And, currently, we have an affiliate program available for the product. And, a lot of what I learned early on as an affiliate has been incorporated into our program now. Having been an affiliate, I feel like I have a unique perspective for what affiliates go through. One of the things that I like to focus on with affiliates is the training aspect as so many affiliate programs just put up that affiliate page with banners and graphics and say, 'Go to it!' and think the affiliate will really know what to do next. What's important to remember is how there are many beginners online trying out affiliate marketing and those people really do need to be coached through even the basics of webmastery and affiliate marketing. Having affiliate coaching is a key reason to join an affiliate program. It would not be such a bad idea for a company to sponsor a dedicated forum and online seminars for their own affiliates to provide that training. Just to bring it back to the 'one thing I hate about affiliate programs', it would certainly be lack of affiliate training. There is really no excuse for big companies to neglect affiliates, when these people are the ones that help sell the product.
  4. The first step to increasing engagement on Instagram is to create those high quality photos that everyone loves. And, how is this done? One of the things that I learned, which might help you, is how being 'the man on the street with your iphone' is likely to get your photo noticed on Instagram. People love breaking news, especially about big events. So, if you happen to be at the right place/right time and catch a photo of some big tragedy or shocking event and then post it to Instagram, it's more likely to get picked up by a local or national journalist. And, once it hits press, the photo will go viral on Instagram and with shares to Facebook.
  5. With an infographic, it's easy to convey a large amount of really boring information in an attractive and fun format that holds attention easily. And, for this reason, people love sharing infographics on Facebook and pinning on Pinterest. You are likely to have one of your infographics go viral for this reason.
  6. Take a moment to read the Bing Webmaster guidelines as they give clear instructions on what to do to rank your site in Bing. http://www.bing.com/webmaster/help/help-center-661b2d18 The guidelines are almost as helpful as those provided by Google Webmaster tools, but tailored for the Bing search engine. One tip that I would suggest is to try to optimize your pages very well so you don't get bouncebacks as this is something that Bing will hold against you. So let's lookat an example. If you have a page that is targeting 'blue widgets', then ensure that all content on that page supports taht keyword. The reason being that Bing measures your bouncebacks and when people visit your site from Bing and then see that your page is not really about 'blue widgets', they are likely to return to the search. When this happens enough times, Bing puts a strike mark against that page and if it happens too much, that page or entire site can get de-indexed for keywords as it appears useless to Bing users.
  7. Best NON-YouTube Video Traffic

    That's very unfortunate, but something which has happened to many other Youtube channel owners. Another example of why you should never put your business future in Google's hands, even when on Youtube.
  8. You can't really get traffic from article directories as most of the people who visit those sites either click away on the ads that are on site or are only there to scrape articles for their own sites. The key to getting traffic is by using article marketing, which is simply the process of having your article published on other relevant blogs. You can't guarantee your articles will actually end up on relevant blogs when you put them out there on directories and for that reason you need to contact the blog owner directly to ask that they republish your content. This is just something that works for me to help generate traffic.
  9. What is your best traffic source?

    Pinterest, Facebook and forums are a good traffic source for me. Also one other point about using forums for traffic generation. Never just go to a forum thinking you are going to drop a link and run as this type of behavior will only get you banned. Take time to contribute the highest quality content, even tutorials and video presentations. Ask relevant questions and give good advice to help others out. In this way, you're not only taking care of the community, but also establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. When people have an issue, they are more likely to turn to someone who is an expert in that type of situation. That's not such a big surprise as Pinterest works really well for some niches. What is your site about anyway?
  10. You could choos to use a squeeze page (such as a page that only contains a small amount of information about your newsletter along with an opt in box) or just add a subscription widget to your blog sidebar. Either one would work for getting subscribers. Though you are likely to get more targeted and responsive subscribers if you send traffic to your blog where they can see actual samples of the type of content they will get in your newsletter.
  11. I was surprised to learn there are over a billion Google+ users, so I Googled this to check it out. There seems to be some sources that say this statistic is true, though I'm assuming only a portion of those users are active, while many were created by SEO people for backlinking.
  12. Possibly, it just depends on what you are selling as T-shirts and Facebook games (where the player buys in game items) are very popular. And, both require an expenditure of money.
  13. Is Email Marketing Ending

    Traffic generation and email marketing are two different things. You might be using social media and SEO to drive traffic to your page, but email marketing to your list (the people who visited your site and signed up for the newsletter) is what keeps them coming back. You can't ever rely on one-off traffic to grow a business. Email marketing is essential if you are serious about business.
  14. Failed YouTube Marketing. But Why???

    And, maybe it's just that simple. Sometimes, a video won't be appealing to a certain crowd. To find out what your subscribers want, you sometimes just have to ask them. The feedback you gain by asking your subscribers what they want to see will be very valuable and help you create videos that are tailored to the subscriber interest.
  15. There's not much logic in buying bot likes and that's what you'll be getting if you pay for likes. I'm talking about those like packages you buy from the gig websites. Though there is a way to buy likes directly from Facebook, via their built in ad function. And, you might have some success with that as those peopl who see your ad for your Facebook page and like it in that way are real and likely to interact with your page later if they like the content.