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  1. UltraSEOSolutions

    sticky serps recently?

    SERPs are jumping around for me too for the majority of my domains. Hopefully will stick to TOP 3 rankings for most Keywords I am currently targeting since I added TONS of quality content along with some Social Media Marketing (Google +1s, a Facebook Group with decent activity)
  2. Forum Profiles have always worked well for me as Tier 2 links (To various Web 2.0 Properties). They can also be used to directly promote your Money Websites however, I advise you take the following precautions: 1) Filter your Forum Profiles DB to only PR2+ Links. 2) Filter away any Domains that are not cached by Google to stay away from bad neighborhoods as much as possible. This can easily be done via ScrapeBox. 3) Try to add LSI content to your profile (Content somehow related to your keyword). Maybe within the Hobbiest/Signature section. I have promoted 1,000's of domains and my advice is solely based on TONS of experiments done in the past and post-Latest Panda Update.
  3. UltraSEOSolutions

    Has Backlinks Forum gone down ?

    TP = Traffic Planet
  4. UltraSEOSolutions

    Has Backlinks Forum gone down ?

    Terry Kyle was the person behind the successful launch of BacklinksForum. He contributed with love and that is what made this forum Alive! Once Terry Kyle left BacklinksForum (I think from August, 2011), I started noticing it dramatically dropping in everything from good content to traffic (I have been a member there from the first week it got launched) I have left a few messages to Tom Goodwin regarding Advertising proposals to BFSO threads but I did not get a single reply!! How sad how such a cash cow could not be monetized and was left to drown down a swamp! (No offense to Tom, he is a great guy but I am not sure what went wrong) Terry, you are the best and I am glad to be following you wherever you go! You are definitely a man with a plan
  5. UltraSEOSolutions

    How important is Unique Class-C IP Hosting?

    Wow, thank you guys for all the input!! My concern was not the reliability of the host nor the risks of any server/router malfunction that might cause the 50 websites to drop at once. My main concern though is the effect on SERPs and if there is any impact between hosting on a shared account vs VPS or Unique Class-C Ips. You guys have enlightened me with great information and I am thankful.
  6. This is my first post on Traffic Planet and I am very pleased to be following Terry Kyle wherever he is! This guy knows what he is doing and he does give well researched information and in return a friendly and helpful community is formed I had a question regarding the importance of hosting websites on Unique Class-C IPs. How important is that? Does it have a big impact on search rankings? If I have 50 websites hosted on ONE Shared Hosting Account (One IP Address), how can this affect my rankings? Please share your thoughts