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  1. Did you create new pages with the same info as the broke pages? You said you deleted the pages and then tried to recreate them with the same url but did you try to recreate them with a different one? It is most likely not the content of the page since it is happening to more than one page but I would try to create the pages on a brand new url just to eliminate that as a possibility. It would suck to spend hours digging around in the database only to find out there was something in the page content that is the problem. Another way to test it would be to recreate the url with no content at all. Do you have any backups from before you made your last changes? If so you could restore the site to that point and then keep an eye on the urls while you make your changes one at a time which should allow you to find what caused the problem.
  2. If you save the pages with a different url do they work OK? If you delete the existing page try going into the database and make sure that there are no traces of it anywhere and if there are delete them and then try recreating the same page url.
  3. Go ahead and drop me a pm as well with the site info
  4. How much success have you guys been having getting the featured snippet spot?
  5. I agree with Kail. If you want to make sure you see discounts from a particular company make sure you are on their mailing list
  6. APOK

    What Is High Quality Backlink?

    Are you really looking for info or are you posting these questions for some other reason? You have a bunch of threads asking mostly basic questions but never come back to them even when asked for more info so your question can be answered. Seems very odd to me
  7. Has anyone gone through any of the lists and which programs are the best ones to use?
  8. Those threads are a good place to start. Videos are not really as hard to do as you might think. You do not have to have high scale professional videos to get good results.
  9. If you do any adswords you may want to check this out. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-doubles-adwords-budgets-advertisers-unhappy/217577/
  10. So sometimes you go 5 deep that seems like a lot and more than most seem to do. Is there a reason you do it that way? Well of course there is but I am interested in your thinking.
  11. How many layers do you have in your tiers?
  12. Sounds like a good plan I have not been using Pinterest but it looks like it may well be worth spending some time on.