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  1. iWriter and NatashaNixon
  2. Youtube keep in consideration many factors. One of them is how long people stay on the video. If the video don't provide any value it is almost impossible to see it rank
  3. LifestyleUltimatum

    Deindexing of PBN's

    They keep traking also the historical Whois information it seems, so if you change them the risk still exist.
  4. LifestyleUltimatum

    parallax scrolling sites

    I don't see the point why the parallax site have to be less effective than an old design. I think it is only a matter of contents.
  5. LifestyleUltimatum

    Really need help with penguin issues

    You first need to check if there is a natural traffic to your website, maybe make more sense to recover this before. In my opinion make the people coming subscribe to a newsletter giving them something important to download, real value, then send them an email with the new website and move your audience to a new website.
  6. LifestyleUltimatum

    7 Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills

    As a non-native English, I have had to search for solutions to improve my bad writing and make it decent in English. I have collect in a post a list of useful tips and tricks on how to improve the writing process, due to lot experiment I have had to do to reach a decent writing quality. I think that the writing process is less time consuming than the review process. The most useful proofreading software in my opinion is this: http://www.serenity-software.com/ I know that seems an old website, and an old solution, but when I write long articles I will pass them under this and then I send them to the reviewer. He found really few errors. And trust me that my initial writing (like you can see here in the post) usually is really bad. If I use software as Ginger and Grammarly the reviewer still find bunch of errors. Also another good software I think must be checked out is http://linguisoft.com/ Grammarian, for who like me use Mac. And finally I heard good things about http://www.editorsoftware.com/StyleWriter.html Also, I think that there is some best practice to improve the writing process, but I think it is too long to write everything in a forum post. For who are interested, feel free to check out the post I wrote about, (website in signature), I will be glad to hear your voice. P.s.: I still be a bad English writer, but at least now the is understandable
  7. LifestyleUltimatum

    Best Online Tool To Test On-page SEO Of Website?

    Website Auditor http://www.seopowersuite.com/website-auditor/ I think it is the best because make a comparison with competitors websites.
  8. LifestyleUltimatum

    Getting Traffic with BuzzBundle

    I agree with you. I am using BuzzBundle with the technique that Matthew explains to his tutorial. I have an increase of visits and I think it is also perfect to start marketing to a blog starting form zero.
  9. LifestyleUltimatum

    Re-Indexing De-Indexed PBNs

    I don't think that they want to re-index them. There are some SEO agency that consider for metrics purpose a link from a de-indexed website a valid link that seems to pass instead Domain Authority and Page Authority. I have a case history running now ranking thanks for some links like that. I am testing to figure out what is happening. I was wondering if maybe with those domains you can build instead high metrics on another PBN website giving him links. If you decide to do this test, I will be interested in know the results, PM me and let me know if it works.