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  1. profitpursuits

    Getting Traffic with BuzzBundle

    Yep, BuzzBundle is quality software. It's a great help in getting a newer site off the ground quickly.
  2. I can vouch for Robbie's content. It's top notch, incredibly in-depth. Definitely worth checking out if your site needs more traffic. Personally, I've implemented a couple of his suggestions with great results.
  3. Any tools that show how the big G views your mobile site?
  4. Hi there, I'd like to get a discussion going on the best strategies for improving a site's list building. Let' get it started with 5 data-backed strategies [from case studies]. 1. Brian Dean’s Content Upgrade Method (793% increase) Brian Dean of Backlinko increased the email conversion rate of one of his individual blog posts by 793% with one ingenious tweak. He created a specific signup incentive for one of his most popular posts. He went from getting a .54% conversion rate to 4.82% from the same traffic. Getting half a signup per 100 visits versus getting almost 5 signups per hundred! 2. Overlay Case Study: Overlay Size One surprising case study shows how Favecrafts.com used a narrower overlay box to increase conversions by 8.8% compared to a wider version. 3. Resetting your popup cookie instantly has the same conversion rate effect as resetting monthly SumoMe shared data from all of the emails collected through their app. Using this data they discovered that showing a popup on every visit has the same conversion rates as showing it monthly. Interestly, both of these options were much better than only showing a popup once a day or once a week. 4. Showing a popup after 5 seconds produced the best results Another piece of data shared by SumoMe is that showing a popup after 5 seconds produced the best results when compared to other wait times. 5. A homepage feature box tripled conversions Bluewire Media shared a case study about how adding a simple feature box to their homepage tripled their signup rate. A feature box is a simple form that you place above all the other content, and it turns the top portion of your site into a landing page. If you'd like to learn all the details of these 5 examples, and also discover 23 total data-backed list building strategies, you can check out the full article here: 23 Data-Backed List Building Strategies From Top Experts This article was very well received, having been shared over 1,000 times already. I'd love to start a discussion in this thread. If you have any experience implementing any of the strategies in that article, let's talk about it. Any strategies I missed that should be added?
  5. Nice advice from matt! A lot of how you are monetizing obviously depends on the niche you are in. Amazon can be a great way to go if you are solely focused on retail products, like a review site. I just want to ask you to consider whether your niche is also primed for information, services, or other types of affiliate products as well. You could diversify to promoting tools and services depending on the niche, and some of those have much higher than an 8% rev share. If you are interested, you can PM me with your general niche (I don't need the specifics), and I'll point you in the right direction for expansion.
  6. profitpursuits

    Keyword Research Tool

    If you are low on budget, I'd start with the Google tool. Can't beat free! That said, using a more robust tool definitely saves time and gives you more data. I like using a combination of Long Tail Pro for niche keyword research, and Ahrefs to uncover backlinks and more targeting opportunities.
  7. profitpursuits

    Your favorite Social Network

    Personally I like the ease and effectiveness of Twitter. However, a full social media plan will target a few networks. It really depends on the niche you are after. Each network has different demographics and requires a different approach. To identify the most important social networks for you business, start with competitive research. Find your top competitors and discover where they have the most followers. It's also good to figure out which content of theirs is getting shared the most, and where that sharing is taking place. Lot's to go into to really get a step-by-step action plan for this, but it should give some ideas of how to proceed.
  8. profitpursuits

    parallax scrolling sites

    What I would recommend if the parallax design has to stay is to build top quality content related to each of the main images on the main site. Then have those images (with alt text and a fallback link) lead to that rich content. That way, your client can keep their design, but you have a chance to build great content that the Googs will enjoy. Then of course, link building.
  9. I'm getting ready to launch a case study where I'll be building a new niche site from scratch. I'll be sharing all the strategies I use to build and grow the site over time. I just wanted to make this post to get your input on how you'd like to see a niche case study like this proceed. I'm even open to suggestions on the niche to target. The main point is to test out some of the popular strategies for social media, and seo to see if we can build a site naturally. Let me know if this is something that you'd be interested in following. Cheers!
  10. profitpursuits

    Falcon Update

    Haha, that was a good one! The falcon is gonna get you...