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  1. Received my press release and distribution - the customer service was amazing and the press release with syndicated accurately as promised. I'd certainly work with Phil again, and recommend this service to others!
  2. Nice work Jay. On a side note, what is your take on being an affiliate with hostgator - have you have any issues with payments or with sales being invalidated, etc? Curious because I've heard a lot about people complaining about this.
  3. Would it be possible to implement the bump button for the mobile version of this forum?
  4. Yeh it's damn old now guys.. you are better off making your own list. If you need a start, here is the process I used to generate it (not my thread - credit goes to that member that posted it): http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/406322-method-finding-articles-directories-amr-without-footprints.html
  5. Its a very old list. Might not be very useful anymore. Test it out and let me know, I haven't used it in a while.
  6. To those people that received a Clickbank 'aggregate products' notification today - Do you know where we can find a list of products that will soon be prohibited, as at 15th Oct?
  7. KevinA

    GoDaddy Goes Down

    haha thats gold. Well deserved for GD To be fair, the only thing I like about them is that I can call them up anytime and get an answer.. but everything else is a rip-off
  8. You always need to specify a refund policy, even if the policy is "no refunds".
  9. KevinA

    Aquestion about Press Release

    Different people use Press Releases for different reasons... - To increase the credibility of their business/website. - To get links for authority sites (not the usual free/spammy types). - It would be seen as the most 'white-hat' of all link building - having a news story made about a product/service with a few links embedded in them, on online news sites. - Will also get some direct traffic from it. - and plenty of them get indexed/syndicated even weeks after the work has been done (usually in the thousands when you Google the title of your Press Release in "Quotes"). PM me if you have other questions about PRs, or browse through the link in my sig below...
  10. How highly spun are you lookin for? Word/phrase spinning or paragraph spinning as well?
  11. Hey Nick, good stuff mate, interesting concept which I've never really looked into before this!
  12. Sure thing! I will be in touch. Cheers
  13. KevinA

    Are Hostgator always this bad ?

    This. Namecheap are the best, they even give you a free yar of private rego, and after that its only something like $3 per year. And its easy to transfer domains in and out if required.
  14. Sure thing, received your emails and will be in touch when done!