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  1. grim111

    FTP sharring

    Is anyone knows any services or communities who share ftp hosting space. I mean there is a lot of webmasters who have few hostings or IPs for their own PBN and do have some extra space on those servers, it would be great to use that space to host some of my sites, same as I would give them space on my servers, in this case we would get bigger IP range of the sites. Is anyone heard of something like this and how does it called. Thanks.
  2. As I see GKP gives only those that have some competition and based on those KWs that used in AdWords, I was looking for something like either good generator or something that will give you KWs that is organic and natural but not that short and obvious as GKP gives.
  3. Hi guys, I always worked on global SEO sites and now I have to work on one that targeted for specific location. Could you please share your experience on at least 5 most important rules to pay attention to on local SEO. Thank you.
  4. Hi guys, is anyone ever used tools to find long tail KWs and how good they are? If anyone can suggest me a good one to use and the one that is not simply generates KWs, but the one that is actually picking them from searches or so. Thank you.
  5. In my opinion there buying likes is not effective. I couldn't discover any conversion after doing so. Never the less sharing your post or product or link in other groups gives some conversion and works best with the sites that buy a lot of links and stock at some point. So when you boost it with social signals it jumps a few positions on almost all KWs. I would use fake likes only for visibility, that users will see that this site or page is a life, to attract trust.
  6. Use it with www. instead of http:// You will see real picture.
  7. grim111

    Best A Class Hosting for 20 Money Sites

    Is there anyone tried Pazhosting yet? I would love to see nay feedback on it.
  8. grim111

    PR or DA for ranking?

    Thank you buddy, just didn't realized you talking about majestic metrics. Thank you anyways, BTW I might be wrong but as I remember Trust Flow is based on clicks to the page from seed domains!?
  9. grim111

    Using Aged Domains For SEO

    1. Doesn't really matters (in my oppinion), although I will prefer the one that is older, than the other that is not with the same metrics. Some domains can be very good having very little age. For example one domain can be 3 years old and can be very popular and have a lot of great links for short period of time, on the other hand there can be domain that is 15 years old and have much less links. Also those links can be old from sites that is dead and was indexed last time few years ago. Google will not consider that site at all because it is dead, but the same time it will be called aged. So age of domain is good, but does't add much value. 2. I would better look at how long ago it was indexed last time, that will indicate me how Google values that site. Concerning how long it has been indexed doesn't seems a valuable point to me because what it will affect? 3. This is most important metric of all. Never the less I don't know any factor that will guaranty me that link won't be removed in the future (except may be a guess on if site is huge and link is placed on some inner pages where it will be never checked again). So I pay most of attention to site quality, the best I see is .orgs because it is usually charity organizations who care less about doing double job on visiting same page twice. Also look for .gov .edu links in profile.
  10. grim111

    PR or DA for ranking?

    Could you please explain what is CF and TF?
  11. Of course .de will work better for Germany than .com. OP was asking: "does it still work to retheme english aged domains with a different languaguage" and it really does.
  12. Still fun. Can you please explain better how this redirect works on those sites and what is the reason for those site to have this option?
  13. Awesome tool buddy, but seems useless it terms of SEO!?
  14. While backlink is posted you can't hide it, it is hared to the world. Even if its blocks majesticseo there is bunch of other tools to see it.