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  1. What is your best traffic source?

    Forum Postings for the time being. I am also getting some traffic from Bing and Yahoo as well.
  2. Guest blogging is still effective?

    I don't think so, because in the last update by google, matcuts have clearly mentioned that we have removed the quality factor of Guest blogging from our Algorithm.
  3. Best NON-YouTube Video Traffic

    You can try Vube as well.
  4. When you submit listing over G+ for your office location, they send a letter to the address on which PIN to activate listing is written, All you have to collect that letter and than Activate your listings over G+ profile. This is all how it Works, They don't send any person physically to inspect office location.
  5. My Sad Story

    @just for fun, You should concentrate on the newly realeased algorithm update by google so called pigeon. study about that, It is more focused in extracting local results.
  6. Does the bookmarking still work?

    Only some of the HIGH PR and having Good PA, DA and Trust flow bookmarks are working, like pearltree, plurk, reddit, blink etc.
  7. why not to simply create an alert over google in News section, that whenever new News publish about your niche or keyword.. You get notified via email.. What is so special in this script, can you tell me some of its advantages @Sirkonstantine.
  8. For reporting to clients under one dashboard, i would recommend using myseotool. You can manage serp rankings and history.
  9. The best advices i have ever read on the forums.