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  1. What I do is think of a title. Think of 10 different variations and choose the best. Then I brainstorm my article with everything I can think of what to write. After I filter out the useless information and place it structurally so it reads in a good flow. But I must say, reading other blogs or newspapers will help your writing skills
  2. alvinhy

    Best source of traffic

    This is by far one of the best traffic sources as they are all high quality traffic. Go for quality and not quantity. I use BuzzBundle to find out where my potential readers are hanging out. Also it is best to stick to one traffic source, master it and move on to the next.
  3. alvinhy

    Best NON-YouTube Video Traffic

    I use Wistia as well, it allows you to view analytics of where people are stopping your video. Absolutely useful when you are creating a video tutorial. You will know when you are boring out your readers. Another suggestion for you is to have a new Youtube channel and figure out why youtube banned you in the first place and avoid doing that again.
  4. Your formula CCPC is only great if your email subscribers like being pitched to. What I do is CCCC. Where people go to my content and the product is listed in the content, so if they are interested they will head over to the product sales page. I also merge the AIDA business model into this for better conversions. Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.
  5. alvinhy

    How to increase your emails open rate?

    Split testing broadcasts is easy but split testing auto responders is another thing. I think best to have two separate lists?
  6. alvinhy

    Traffic Planet Hosting Is Really Good

    I'm also planning to invest into traffic planet hosting. Seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback. I also had a chat with one of the live chat support and was absolutely amazed with them
  7. alvinhy

    Google Hates Slow Websites

    I think the info graphic is really aimed at large organisations. I mean for small website blogs does this even relate? I don't think Google puts page speed as priority but has many small factors added up to calculate the rankings.
  8. alvinhy

    How to increase your emails open rate?

    Great list you have there. I now have to take away all my images in my emails! I think another is to have it as natural as possible when typing out the copy. Direct your email to the person and have a name added wherever possible.
  9. I would say start building a list from day one, I personally did not do that and probably lost a lot of leads. You only have to invest into a email service provider like Aweber. also you can get a $1 trial account. But remember, building a list is one thing, maintaining it is another. You have to keep a good relationship with your users or else your list will be dead.
  10. Build an authority site so people will come to me for certain problems. Help other peoples problems to build their own online business.
  11. alvinhy

    My Sad Story

    Focus on content and how you engage your audience. Promote on Facebook, look into where your audience hangs out and get to them. I am sure there are a lot of anime forums out there. Reach out to them.
  12. Basically I setup a challenge for myself to stick to in 30 days to see how much traffic increases. This will allow me to see what traffic strategy works best and how to do it each month. I have laid out a few things I have do to every day and will be documenting everything on my blog post: September 2014 - http://www.alvinhy.com/30-day-traffic-report-september-2014/ Forum Posting Article Posts Tutorials SlideShare Quora These are the 5 major sources that I will be using. Hopefully this will bring in some cool results!
  13. I don't recommend you buying Facebook likes. And just coincidently I have recently written an article why. Here are the basic reasons. violates facebook rules fake likes are fake you neglect the real users why invest into fake likes if you can invest into real likes There is no "goal" for a fake like
  14. alvinhy

    Failed YouTube Marketing. But Why???

    Maybe the video was not good enough for i to be shared? Try to make a better video.