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  1. New Account for Adsense

    You have to go with totally different info, they aren't going to accept you with the same info, i guess.
  2. expired domain use

    Wow! Awesome stats but i have to agree with _Richard, there must be a reason behind not using a domain with such good stats any longer.
  3. Thanks for your comment and thanks for the add up. Yeah, you can name them guestographics but i'm on wide approach which includes partner offers and network marketing
  4. Ummm! Have you ever heard of marketing through infographics? I'm not talking about marketing your content, i'm talking about marketing of yourself and your blog. I know it's too difficult for a blog owner to market his blog in it's early stages and it's kinda difficult to get attention of millions on the web. Infographics are yet another way to spread your voice over the web. Believe me! you are not attracting the mob of people which you deserve to be, you are limiting yourself by utilizing your normal marketing skills. I've been working on my blog to discover new marketing tactics and i think i'm hell successful in doing it. I don't want to be a marketing expert i want to be somebody who teaches marketing, recently after doing some tests i found that infographics have fabulous potential to make you a valuable author and your blog a fantastic blog. Infographics, buy why? Well, if something has the potential to boost your blog's reputation then why would you neglect it? My method is simple but it's worth following, try it and you'd understand it's importance. After reading a blog by Brian Dean regarding marketing i found a tip which was worth sharing but little bit limited as there are further benefits which we can add to our pot if we utilize the tip in the right manner. Get an Infographic Ready! As mentioned in my recent article How to Promote Your Blog Fantastically: #1 Marketing Technique the first thing you'll need is an outstanding infographic, an infographic which could attract a lot of people. You don't only have to make the infographic outstanding you need to make the title attractive too. As you'll approach people with the title and it would be better if you'll approach them with an attractive title. Why To Approach People? Method #1: You'll have to offer mentions to people in your infographic in the form of partner offers. They'll share your infographic with their audience by giving a link to the original infographic article and you'll mention them in the infographic's credits section. Method #2: You'll have to offer people guest posts along with the infographic, it would help both the blogger and you to attract more audience. Most of the bloggers love to feature other bloggers by presenting them as guest posters. Benefits: A ton of backlinks will point to your blog in a short time period which means you'll notice improve in your search engine rankings and referral traffic as well.
  5. Hey Will, First of all, $5 isn't enough to attract more affiliates. My main strategy to find affiliates is to look into my circles, i have good connections with a variety of bloggers who are always ready to promote my products. The best thing is i know the affiliates i'm working with will bring great number of legit sales and i don't have to wait for people, i just ask some of my circles and they start promoting my products.
  6. Hey, I'm not sure if it's allowed or not but to be honest you've compiled an awesome collection there. I have already read the case studies you've listed under the names of MatthewWoodward and QuickSprout, looking forward to read case studies by Zac Johnson.
  7. Hey Guys, After seeing a crucial category on this forum i decided to do a roundup on a very vital topic which is Monetization. As a blogger it is really difficult to make money online but i think it is myth. Thousands of people are making money online but how are they doing it? Let's talk about bloggers or entrepreneurs who are generating some good money from their blogs. Making money from a blog requires strategies which are normally known as monetization. If you are good at monetizing then you can turn yourself into a real blogging superstar. What I've been doing since the start of my blogging career is finding new opportunities to make money online, i found some exquisite methods which helped me to make my blogging journey overwhelming. Here are the few methods which i'm currently using on my blogs: Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is good but to be honest it didn't work for me. I made about $500 from it in a month but it took over 3 months for me to rank that blog and i don't think $500 is enough for the long time period of 4 months and the bad thing is that my blog got penalized the next month and it was a huge shock for me. Super Sponsored Posts: I'm not talking about sponsored posts here, i'm talking about super sponsored posts actually i'm not only talking about posts i'm talking about a complete package which could help a specific brand or product to gain exposure through your blog. It's my third month i'm doing this super thingy and the results are spectacular. I usually offer 5-6 things to the product owners, few of them are; 2-3 posts representing a specific brand direct or indirectly, header banners, mentions in related articles in the form of banners, recommendation to subscribers and many more. Consulting: This thing is really awesome, you can't even imagine the results. If you have real traffic which buy things then you can generate four figures from it easily. Believe me, if you are good at something then always look forward to sell it. That's what top bloggers are doing. Now the real thing..... That was all about me but as I've mentioned in the article i have a list 9 experts who shared their best monetization strategy for you only. I invited those 9 bloggers to my blog and they spoke some words which can change your life completely. So here is the link: 9 Industry Experts Reveal their Best Monetization Strategy But stop! before you proceed to the original article here are some excerpts which can describe the roundup post. Please let me know through replies what do you think about this roundup, you replies will be appreciated.
  8. Best NON-YouTube Video Traffic

    Well, it's great to move all of your videos on Daily Motion but i don't think you'll get much views on Daily Motion as it's not much popular as Youtube is.
  9. Getting Traffic with BuzzBundle

    Looks nice, need to give it a try. BTW @alvinhy your site is not opening at my side. @_Richard, thanks for linking to matt's blog post.
  10. Business Model Implemented to Email Marketing

    Nice tip, i'm big follower of some bloggers and few of them do the same mistake, they doesn't even make people aware of the thing they are selling to them and think that this would bring sales. This is not going to work unless you inspire people with your kind words and importance of that specific product.
  11. How to increase your emails open rate?

    I completely agree with the relationship thing, i'm working as a product representative nowadays and the product owner offer personal training for the employees. What he taught is that you don't have to sell the product directly, you have to control the people first. Let them know about things which are beneficial for them and they'll start believing you. Now it's the time to sell but always start with cheap and worth buying things and then target them with expensive things.
  12. I recently created an infographic on the topic "How To Increase Google Plus Traffic", please have a look at it and share your views about it: Credits: Make Money Online Blog
  13. Hey

    I'm Siraj Wahid, new to this forum.
  14. Hey guys, Interviewing people is one of the hardest tasks and if you are interviewing professionals it's even harder. You have to think before asking every question as you won't get perfect answers if you won't ask questions professionally. If a professional have accepted your interview proposal then he might expect professional questions from your side. I've been interviewing people from over a month and it was this interview was the toughest interview. Yes, featured the marketing king Neil Patel on my blog. Although, i never expected positive reply from Neil's side when i dropped him an email but he replied with kind words. The interview is based on some direct questions as suggested by my readers. I haven't asked basic questions as Neil has been interviewed on many blogs and the he has been asked same questions again and again. Make sure to read the interview on my blog and please leave your views about it: Interview with Top Influencer Neil Patel