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  1. Ok thats possibly a good tip, I know that google used to be easy to game with EMD back in the adsense sniper days. And bing always seems to be more than a few steps behind.
  2. Thank you you andreint, that is also a good basic suggestion. I was meaning along more the lines of social signals (ive read that bing is ahead of google now in doing that) seems unlikely to me but it is the conspiracy of the interwebs I suppose anything is possible. lol Or say for example press releases, perhaps someone has done some case studies of how they rank on bing versus how allegedly they dont rank in google well anymore. Regards all, Luxe
  3. Thank you Blackmoon this is all very good advice in terms of ranking a website, what I was looking for was something specific to Bing that would help to rank. Regards, Luxe
  4. Hello Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any helpful tips or tricks to rank in Bing. Exact name domain match seems to work pretty well, anything else? Kind Regards, Luxe
  5. Hello All, I'm looking for an instagram account in the fashion niche. Real followers and likes please, no nonsense addmefast or script boosted accounts. Please message me here or pm me with offers. Additionally looking for high PR backlinks again in the fashion niche. One time fee for eternal link (if there is such a thing) lol Regards, Luxe
  6. Hello Everyone, New here and introducing myself. Also have a questtion, I used to be a member of a backlinking Tools Forum, but for the life of me i cant remember the name of it. It was a super short domain name(i think 4 or 5 letters??) and they had an amazing selection of IM and seo tools for free. Anyone got any ideas? or recommendations? Kind Regards, Luxe
  7. Heres a quick link to see if you are over optimized, http://www.removeem.com/ratios.php Regards, Luxe
  8. PDF Link Building Questiongs

    bump, wondering about this myself, there seems to be very mixed opinions on this subject
  9. Which social sites helps you more ?

    I have been seeing some really good results with pinterest. They had 70 million users as of last year, havent seen any new statistics but I imagine its considerably more now.
  10. Thank you! This was my favorite forum in its time. Adsense micro niche sniper sites. =)
  11. Hello All, Have been out of the SEO game for a year or three, just wondering if anyone would care to comment on what web 2.0 properties are in their opinion the strongest for 2014, In the past I have used, Hubpages, Infobarrel, squidoo, etc Thanks!
  12. Maybe a section to see the archived data from the original site would be interesting.