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  1. Hey guys, I would like to know What is your traffic getting methods whatever it is free or paid traffic and what's work for you. for me I use different traffic generation methods like solo ads, ppv, ppc, social media. I would like to know if you have different strategies for getting traffic.
  2. How Do You Send Traffic To Your Email Opt-in Form?

    there are a lot of traffic generation method and techniques. What I recommend you if you just getting started is to use banner media traffic. it's cheap and give you great results if you know what you doing? there are places for that like buysellads.com
  3. I've seen this question a lot, and I would like to answer it from my experience. if you have a list or maybe it's a huge list and you have few and little open rates, the problem definitely on you. if there is anyone opt in to your list because maybe they have interested in your lead magnet. chances are that they on other marketers lists also I'm I correct, think of it logically. if they on other marketers lists how you can separate yourself from this competition. look at what typical marketers do they always pitch since anyone opt in their emails lists. and because of that their open rates always decrease until it disappear, if anybody opt in to your list don't pitch them on the first 5 or 6 emails, provide them value, make them know who you are as a person, with that you will build a good relationship with your list. Maybe you heard this argument "MONEY ON THE LIST" but this isn't true I'm saying "MONEY ON THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR LIST", you need your prospects to be responsive to your emails and you can do that with providing them value, free stuff. I don't say that you don't try to sell them. as long as you have good relation with your list. you will make more open rates and more sales. This is it, this is just is, this is the most important factor of increasing your open rates. I wouldn't talk about good title or short email. because if people know you well they will open your emails whatever title you have. I hope this question was helpful to you. let me know what do you think by replies.
  4. Unfortunately, Google doesn't accept landing pages anymore. if you would like to run a ppc campaigns I would encourage you to use this network's Bing Ads AdKnowledge 7Search AdOnion AdOn Network This are the best places to run ppc campaigns from my experience.
  5. you can outsourse from places like odesk,elance,freelancer