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  1. Actually, I wrote about this subject on Black Hat World a while ago: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/583629-ranking-locally-sudo-style.html To be honest, not a massive amount has changed since then - all the basics are the exact same.
  2. NAP Citations - get plenty of them - they don't just do wonders for your map listings they help your SERP a bit too. Getting your clients to link you and leave good reviews works wonders too.
  3. The biggest problem you have is that you're selling to small businesses: They have no money. They're cheap (Because of the first Problem) They'll expect the same level of service as a client spending £10,000 a month (Read about the 80/20 Rule) The first thing you need to do is stop trying to appeal to small business owners and find a proper niche to work within. One thing I will say, if you do take on an SME client - PAYMENT UPFRONT - It's a great way to screen out those with no money to pay out looking for 30 day invoice credit!!!
  4. No footprint at all, Google cannot read your .htaccess file anywway so they have no real idea what exactly you're blocking or not. Are you getting confused between .htacccess and .robots.txt - because robots.txt is a file that Google most definitely does read.
  5. Yep, something is on its way. It's going to be a bumpy month IMHO.
  6. I thought that too, the way it was framed you would have been guilty for thinking they were going to fix all the spam and scam artists on there. Alas no, it's all about the money.....
  7. So I spent today basically making my personal blog much, much quicker! I also had a little trouble one day last week when Reddit decided to drop a few (Thousands) visitors at my site, I needed to become Digg Proof! I went from this at 9am this morning: To this at half past 3: I used quite a few things to get the speed down and Traffic Planet hosting was definitely a big part of it: I used the WP Super Cache Plugin, Mod Re-Write Enabled. I used Traffic Planet Hosting (The $24.99 a month Package) I used MaxCDN for content distribution (The $9 a month Package) I spent ages with Gimp and TinyPNG making all my images of a decent size (I had some whopper images on my site) I just wanted to thank Terry for the hosting, it's real good quality and I think it's what I'll be suggesting in work from now on! You can read my blog post (It's pretty in-depth so grab a Cuppa) here: http://www.sudorank.com/speedy-pages-making-a-blog-digg-reddit-and-hacker-news-proof/
  8. You stumbled across your own website with an affiliate link for Buzzbundle? Anyway, I first found out about Buzzbundle after watching Matthew Woodwards video, tried it out myself and wasn't that impressed at first. Buzzbundle had to grow on me first, it's taken a month for me to "get" what it does and how it can help. Now I probably wouldn't be without the free version, yep, I wouldn't pay for it!
  9. Working on it already http://www.sudorank.com/google-sandbox-2-0-30-day-update/ First site came through 30 days last week and the others are following.
  10. It's a lovely return to the good old days of the sandbox! To be honest it was always going to happen, once Google removed the old sandbox and the whole Payday Loan thing happened they were always gonna bring something back. It was a case of "when" rather than "if". To be frankly honest though what's realistically changed? It takes 3 months (Rough back of cigarette pack Estimate) to rank a medium competition term the white hat (Kinda) way so this one month ban doesn't mean much. It does mean that my nice stay in the Logbook Loans niche has ended sooner than I wanted it too though! DAMN!
  11. I'm definitely beginning to prove that this "sandbox" exists. I recently started putting a case study I've been working on for the past month online. http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/688451-case-study-getting-through-new-30-day-google-sandbox.html http://www.sudorank.com/google-sandbox-2-0-30-day-update/ So far I have one website back after 30 days and there is a correlation (Albeit a healthy amount of logical Fallacy) My next 30 website drops on Sunday 20th July. Time to pass the popcorn and put our reverse engineering hats on! I was sceptical at first, posts about "SEO being dead" are posted everyday so I elected not to enter the conversation until I started getting my facts straight. It definitely feels real at the moment though.
  12. Do Web 2.0 still Work?

    This ^^ Web 2.0's still work but they have to look decent and pass a human check. Scraped and spun content is kinda out now, at-least for white hat SEO. For tier one you have to write your own content, it takes ages but the payday back is totally worth it. Videos and Piccies are good too, try not to just post random crud though, make it contextual and look like someone spent time putting it together!
  13. Guest blogging is still effective?

    Pretty much sums up my thoughts. Quality will go up and instead of poorly written crud by overseas outsources it will be something something done in-house. People always forget how much traffic a good guest article can bring in too. Get a good backlink from a popular blogger and you'll get a smash hit of traffic when it goes live on Twitter / Facebook and a nice trickle as the post matures and starts to rank nicely.
  14. Press Release ?

    If you're in the right niche where you can make stuff go viral then it can work wonders. Test the content on Twitter first to see if people share it though.
  15. Use 301 sitewide for everything