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  1. Very nice step by step presentation, You could add this tool: the Hubspot's bloc topic generator, a free tool that generates blog topic from keywords You enter... QUite nice to get blog title ideas.. I can give a little tips, to write faster, write all the structure, then don't necessarily begin writing from the begining of your blog post, write where it's easier for You right now
  2. Thanks , What a long list ^^ It will take time to use them all but this sure will bring huge result if implemented well
  3. You can ask Your customers if they want to sell your product, they are using it, so, they are the best persons You can ask to become Your affiliates
  4. I agree with Matthew Woodward, when You focus on making money, you smell the creepy seller so nobody buy from You... If You focus on relationship, You make friend & raving fan who are happy to buy from You and promote Your products
  5. That people think that You only recommend a product because You are an affiliate
  6. Ad network with free trial ? Hi folks ! i'm looking for good ad netword with free trial (i mean, free click or free display...) so you can test the network... i've already tested bidvertiser but the quality of traffic i receive do not match my needs and their auto-refund program really burn your bank account... so anyone know one good ad network i can test for free ? I've searched on the interne, but i'm fed up of finding broken links... Thanks for you helps guys/girls Have a nice day !
  7. Find out why your company is different than the others... or make a list of values and use the first letter of all the values you whant to share...
  8. Nowaday, you have much more opportunities to make money online, as media are growing faster and faster...
  9. You can aslo use forum to find affialite, find related forum and present your offer with your clickbacnk linck....
  10. Oh thanks, i didn't even know that and i was just about to try adwords to promote my landing pages.... thanks for the info, but i think it's a strange move by google to forbid landing pages...
  11. Best source of traffic

    If you manage to do weel wih SEO, google is the best source of traffic (if you are looking for pretty targeted and huge amount of traffic...) however, paid ads give your more targeted traffic for your website (but it cost you money)... Forum traffic is free an very targeted... what i recommend is to use all types of traffic and find what's kind of traffic convert well for you... Try PPC.... if you find a good ppc network and get good traffic from it, you're done because you can scale a lot Use seo more like a long ter starategy.... PPC adwords/bing are really nice (and you have 50$ free if you sign-up...)
  12. What is your best traffic source?

    Refferal traffic from forum: fast, free and targeted traffic source, the most traffic i receive from forum is from "blackhatworld" (without signatures ^^)
  13. Get traffic back

    Try to change the anchor text... disavow links or delete links if the quality of the website is really bad... and wait.... Time is the best option when you get injuried by google... but if you want the time to play with you and not against you, you need to create really good quality content/backlink... and becareful to have natural anchor (and becareful to not have the same anchor in a too big proportion)... you can test majestic SEO (free) to know the percentage of each anchor and now what to change...
  14. Gret tips, but i think yuo've forgot the most important: Write, write, write because you can't be a writer if you don't write... and the best way to improve your writing is to write every days even f it's only 100 words....
  15. In my Poeple fail in marketing because 1) They don't adapt to the new trends (internet marketing is moving very fast... so when you stop being "agile", you're crushed by the others 2) People don't test... and A/B test is everything.... without test, you can't improve... 3) They quit too early... success can take several month... if you quit you are 100% sure to fail....