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  1. 1. Check your webmaster tool for all the message 2. Check all the backlinks created and save them 3. Start disavow them one by one after you check them 4. Work on your site and do the white hat. 5. Usually to recover it takes 1-2 Google updates. 6-12 months.
  2. Negative SEO via 301 redirect

    Sounds something that can happen almost daily Mansoor. Have you thought about having someone checking them regular if not daily for you? Never heard about a soft to be so competent to do this work! Matt:)
  3. Hello Joe. The price during this period its $79? Please let me know what info do you need from me besides payment. How much time for the report? Sincerely, Matt:)
  4. Google Hates Slow Websites

    You will be surprised how important is to have a good website that loads fast. It's not just for Google important (ranks factors) but also for visitors. I guess that's not a secret anymore how fast they can close the page when they see the page loads hard.
  5. Failed YouTube Marketing. But Why???

    If you really are good in what you do try and update the video creations. Like sites, videos need to be well done. Make A Viral Video Good Luck!
  6. Why buying twitter/facebook likes is good.

    If you heard about the $1 process / buying likes on social media well it's good and feasible. Not talking about the conversion but talking about the real start that you can't get it natural. In time you will see that it's really good. Managing the pages and having activity on the pages will make it real worthy.
  7. SEO juice making with subdomains

    Try and have a blog on news page on your website and simple try to "print" in words the life of a nightclub. If the writer is so good you will have some really good articles posted. Try and merge your social media channels. Repeat the process and you will get some good results my friends. P.S: Don't forget to add some links in the texts.
  8. The ugly side of Google Adwords

    Sometimes the amounts for CPC campaigns grow after you launched it. But that's the beauty of it. No one can predict either the price will stay fix or you will have to bid again on the next morning. Over bidding yes. I found many of them not real and I guess that's the strategy when it comes to sink your competition. It's a battle that you have to take and who is a better manager wins.
  9. The ones with free trials pretty much are junk. Who would give out some quality traffic out of the window for free!? What's good costs a fortune now days. Don't wait for such opportunities because you will get disappointed.
  10. If still no result, build a better landing page - focused on the content. Go above the traditional 500 Words and grow to 1500-2000. I ranked one page for a client just doing a great landing page and next day was on top 10.
  11. SEO for local business directory websites

    Focus on content, good content this way you will get on top of your competition. Building links all day is not going to help a lot now. Make a strategy and have all the content build before you launch the website. Maintaining it after is what will be something easy for you to do.
  12. Press Release ?

    Creating a good content that touches the searchers will always help. So press releases adapted yes with the nofollow now, but they are good. Many companies use them and keep building because the results are very good. Don't hesitate to use them, but use a good writer for the content.