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  1. Hey guys, I developed a survey app where players answer questions on subjects such as politics, ethics, sports or sex. With every answer, they see how their own values and opinions compare with others. We build basically studies out of all this data and cross-reference a lot. What do you think is the right traffic channel for getting players? I don't really find a comparable business model... I would love to hear some opinions about the app and your thoughts on traffic generation for this app. Thanks so much!
  2. I sell around 100 websites PR3+. All of them were hand-picked and I used them to rank websites in Google. There are no random PR4 websites without any links. Please send me a PM if interested.
  3. Any updates on that? My ranking checker says the two first platforms (rebelmouse and buzzfeed) aren´t ranking for any of the targeted keywords. I repeated same experiment for 3 German and 3 Spanish platforms but I don´t see them ranking neither after 21 days. I have the feeling that many of the rankings of these web2.0 platforms are randomly by good luck/bad luck of the internal linking. It seems to me that you have to build internal links for repeating results. We just see a web2.0 platform ranking with 10 backlinks but often one of them is an internal frontpage backlink that OSE/Majestic don´t show because they didn´t visit the site during the backlink was existent. What are your thoughts?
  4. Black Friday - What's everyone getting?

    Hosting accounts :-)
  5. Is there any logic behind how well web2.0 plattforms rank? First I assumed... more moderation = better ranking no gambling, pills, sex = better ranking no spun content (no tools that post to the platforms) = better ranking more unique content = better ranking But it seems that´s totally wrong: Squidoo is semi-moderated, no tools post to it but it ranks pretty bad. Tumblr is bad in all 4 but ranks well. Wordpress has a lot of domain authority but still ranks bad. And press releases are full of duplicate content but rank well What is your opinion about subdomains vs subpages? I see always subpages ranking better but most platforms that allow content in foreign language have subdomains.
  6. Anybody can recommend blog network sellers for Pharmacy niches? Same for Gambling. Something like ALN/LA for these niches would be great as well. Please let me know!
  7. Thank You! What is an average number of impressions per User/month? So if I have 10.000 users, how many impressions should i get if I overbid my competitors and if the Ads have a high CTR? I thought they show my ads everytime somebody watches a youtube vid or is on an Adsense site.
  8. I´ve build a list of 700 people so far that visited a page of my website in the last 30 days. Now I made my second Remarketing campaign but I didn´t achieve even a single click and only 1k impressions after 1 week. 1€ CPC (that´s high in Germany) added pictures for image ads created 8 different ads average position is 2.1 What could I´ve done wrong or is that a normal result?
  9. Interesting SEO study

    Perhaps it is one of these... More Social Signals -> Higher Chance that website is a Brand -> higher Chance they buy 100$+/months backlinks -> strong backlinks are the key More Social Signals -> Higher Chance that website is a Brand -> more searches for their Brand -> higher CTR if people search for the brand More Social Signals -> Higher Chance that website is a Brand -> more spendings on webdesign, unique themes, unique pictures ,... More Social Signals -> Higher Chance that website is a Brand -> Brand buy links that get them traffic -> traffic links are the key
  10. First of all you have to decide which user group is more important for you. For example in the US businesses are smart and usually sign up there where the leads are. In Germany it´s a little bit difficult with the businesses and easier with the end users. So do you have problems acquiring people who hire or college grads? I guess the people who are looking for a job are way more important. Next you have to clearly state how much a customer is worth to You. You need a specific number for defining if a campaign is a success or not. Sure you can compare but You are not directly in a "secret" niche. So I don´t think You get bargains here. I suggest that You do trial and error and just spend a couple of hundred bugs on everything. Here a small list of traffic generation methods where you should clearly look into 1.) SEO and PR (sorry for stating the obvious). 2.) LinkedIn campaigns. I never have done it. There is a thread from "initial effort" about it and a friend recommended it to me. 3.) Facebook campaigns (do cpc for testing purposes). You could target the age and people who graduated as well as their specialty. Try to target around 20k people and track signup stats. I don´t give this method a high success rate but one time Facebook surprised me a lot, so worth spending a few bucks. In Latin America for example I acquire business clients for less than 10$ and we original tought about spending up to 100$. 4.) You are a startup, so the startup freaks are the best early adopters. Try to get into TechCrunch and Co. That is the big advantage of startups. Most people perceive startups similar to NGOs. 5.) Coldcalling (no experience with that). There are agencies that do solid coldcalls for 5$ an address. I have next week my first campaign in that running. I saw another business that was nearly broke but lowered their acquisition costs by 30% with spammy phone coldcalls. I never saw it working but worth a try. 6.) Getting affiliates. That is somewhat connected to SEO because you basically outsource Your SEO here. I don´t think that you get real brands marketing your product. 7.) Adwords, especially remarketing. Here is a vid from an user from this forum who explains what it is about: Unfortunately I don´t see a lot of startups like that succeeding without a strong partner who already has authority and traffic. I had several projects where I learned that the hard way. So why not try to get funding and cooperating with a strong partner? It would be interesting for me to know where you get the 200 daily signups from. 200 is a pretty huge number for a startup. If users came from Startup Blogs You have a very important decision moment right now because most startups crush right after that. To answer your question: User growth rates are mainly dependent on Budgets + Conversions + Viral growth rates. Pinterest for example had long time a viral growth rate of 1+, so 1 user recommended more than 1 additional user. It´s like a perpetuum mobile if that happens. Standard is more that these businesses have great conversions + support and get viral growth rates of somewhat like 20%-50%. So they pay only the half for each user and they have budgets. You probably can find stats about ads/affiliate spendings of FAB. Please send me a PM if You are interested in working together for Share/$.
  11. Interesting SEO study

    Correlation doesn´t mean causation. So the correlation between lots of facebook shares and high rankings doesn´t mean that the facebook shares are the reason for the high rankings. If You understand this concept then you understand how difficult it is to make a clear action plan out of the study.
  12. I have a few amazon review sites and no ranking drops but they rank in google.de . Any updates on "Anti-Amazon-affiliate"-update? Did it happen to people who hide their aff-links, too? Any correlation with the amount of Affiliate links in each article? Anything you can do for preventing it?
  13. On a high level SEO is often more like PR-work. Networking, bribing, getting into mass media. Of course it depends on the niche. The big agencies in my countries are mainly buying links from PR5+ sites.
  14. Do a lot of internal linking from the content and you do better than 90% of other SEO´s.
  15. I need a Tiered web2.0 service with the following features: Unlimited URLs/Anchortexts Tiered linkbuilding mashed articles, no 1-Level spins. Content Machine is fine dripfeeding (over at least 30 days) Youtube vids/HTML tags if possible A lot of Tier2 Spammy links including blog comments Can you recommend me a service, please?