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  1. Agree with searchnetics. If I were you if you wish to integrate services, have a service sub-forum in each of those forums and I would vet each poster and service, so you can become known as the site where the services that actually work are.
  2. I may be biased here, however I personally DO freelance and have done for the last 2 years for 80% of my income. oDesk and Elance used to be great, you could find good clients - when a good job was done you could nurture a great relationship and get repeat work. I personally have 4.85 / 5 positive feedback and also am ranked very highly on all the tests I've done over on oDesk where I get most of my clients... Being in the top 10% of basically everything isn't seemingly enough to warrant paying more than a fixed fee of $100 or less than $4.00 an hour. Lol! In the last 6 months it's become really untenable on all of the regular freelancing sites. In some cases people are looking for weeks of work and paying only $100.00 for it at fixed price. My suggestion is if any of you are these kinds of outsourcers then don't complain, because you get what you pay for. If people want to pay that little, buy software or services, don't go looking for an 'expert' when you're not willing to pay for one.
  3. Some of the best types of link bait are actually pieces of content focused on fueling acquisition within the content itself (not always about what type of content it is), while all the suggestions above rock and are totally valid pieces of advice there are other areas to look at as well. Content lockers for example, which will encourage an interaction with the site such as sharing the post will get your content a much larger reach, draw in more visitors and by extension open up the doors to getting more backlinks. Social signals may have been debunked, but it's the fact that it helps you get your content in-front of more webmasters who will potentially link back to you that makes social so great for SEO if your content is of the right standard. So my advice is to focus on creating amazing content, types of which are listed above and then focus on fueling acquisition through activation!
  4. Lesson: Basically treat it like any other website, do everything you can and if you do any Grey or Black Hat stuff make sure you can control those links by creating some tiers. That's what works + time.
  5. You have to engineer a network to be truly private, we all know this. That also means not selling services from it, as once that happens it's not truly private anymore. Also being careful about purchasing other PBN links to it, as that can draw unwanted attention as well if any of those 'PBN' sites get reviewed.
  6. Getting to number 1

    Thanks for sharing I'll be sure to at least check them out, always worth having a look right
  7. I'd just build more links and add some anchor text variation, look for these to be from relevant sites if you can.
  8. Changing Niche, Problem?

    At a client meeting recently one of the things they were concerned about was using an old expired domain for their website. They were concerned because it was previously something else (domain age 12) and actually thought this was preventing them from getting higher rankings. Actually the opposite was true! The only way using any domain would be a problem was if there was a load of bad links pointing to it, especially if these were targeting some odd keyword that's not related to your site. Or if you actually wanted an exact or partial match domain. Since you've not done any link building, you'll be fine and just follow the advice the above guys gave you.
  9. Okay Clint, and anyone else, basically you want to first navigate over to your tagged niche page so /tagged/niche. Go to the most recent post, hopefully it's got a few thousand notes! So select the notes, and scroll down a fair way just to load up as many notes as you'd like. The script itself that you want to run is the following: --- re-building for better results will update soon This will follow anyone that's liked those posts, one by one. Usually, the same people who are re-blogging the content. I've got a very high follow back rate compared to following people who are posting the images to those tagged pages(which other scripts do), who are most likely other IMers. Which is basically what led me to throw this little script together. Remember to not set it to more than 200 as Tumblr won't allow more than that within 24 hours per I.P Hope it helps!
  10. If someone is ranking higher than me I see it as a challenge, it's part of the fun of SEO! Put in double the effort, if it doesn't work, double it again... If you can't or won't do that then you'll stay where you are or move on.
  11. I built an iMacro script for auto-following actual targeted followers on auto. Of course, you should really just run this once a day with a max of 200 accounts to target, but if anyone is interested I'm more than happy to share it and let you know how to use it for the best results.
  12. Hey TrafficPlanet People! Looks like a good forum here, active with a good user base of knowledgeable people. I plan on sticking around, sharing and hopefully learning too. Have a good night all!