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  1. Hello, You also need to use your site name/brand as backlink anchor to avoid Penguin penalty.
  2. Hello, I advice you to use lists for GSA, to get better backlinks. And maybe some backlinks need to be validated by the webmasters.
  3. WoW06

    Class A vs Class B vs Class C for SEO Hosting

    For my part i use OVH and Siteground, i'm happy of these services.
  4. For my part i use Odesk to do that, and i filter with want i want.
  5. WoW06

    Expired domain question

    Yes, you can do 301 redirection to your root domain for all links which are pointing to the sub domain. You just need to get a list of all these backlinks.
  6. Great post, thanks you for this advice. For my part, i go on oDesk and Freelancer to find outsources writters.
  7. WoW06

    Best source of traffic

    Hello, For my part is Google and Adwords (PPC). But i'm trying to make social media a better source.