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  1. Firstly i did learn about SEO. Then i did take a decison about Free taffic. Then i did use another forum, Blog, Book marking, Article submission site that give me real traffic with my real & Unique content. So i think if you need more visitor then no need any paid traffice issue, you just need a good sence about writing and Conversion.
  2. help recover product key..

    After replacing hard drive in my dell 5040 laptop it wont activate. Can't read label on bottom and all the product key finders return the default key which cant be used to activate. Contacted dell who sent me recovery media for windows 8, which can install windows 7 if you have installation disc and product key. Windows pre-loaded and no discs came with the purchase. Downloaded the software from digital river but it still would not activate and am now getting not geniune message. Can someone please help me either find a way to recover my key or tell me where I can buy a legitimate windows 7 key ?
  3. Facebook ADs - Do they Work?

    I have already spend many money in social media site, Such as facebook, Twitter, Pintereist and Tumblr . But i did not get any success yet. Very sad for me. I do not believe about Facebook ads. it just spend my time and money..
  4. I have PR 2+ eCommerce website. How much your budget for PR 2+ eCommerce website ?
  5. I have a lot of music related subscribers, and I posted a video of me playing the piano but only 3 people shared it. I sent it out to their feeds and I did nothing else. Could you just rely on peoples feeds to mass market your video? Or was it smarter for me to do better keyword research and SEO and rely mostly on these methods for traffic?
  6. Yes. iwritter is almost better for writing article. It's also cheap price. First time i did choose it for my website. They also work in good. Thanks
  7. Thard simple Landing page that love..
  8. I am argee about it. I am also have a great idea for improving wrting skill... Such as, 1.Writing in a journal 2.Participate in writing prompts. 3.Rewrite newspaper and magazine articles. 4.Comment on your favorite blog posts. 5. Join a writer's group. 6. Attend a writer's conference or workshop. etc..
  9. Second landing page.....
  10. I have many level 2 account. i want to sell it. per level 2 account is $2. If you agree then PM me. Thanks
  11. Hello, I am here. I hope everything is good. i hope i will get a good help from here. thanks
  12. I think Fiverr is the best option for selling your service. I think you can increase your service day by day. if you want to improve your conversion then you can add a feature ad on your gigs. Then i will show all time in first page then you cna get good response from others. thanks
  13. Which ranking they also have ? Which PR ?
  14. I have org account. but this is a blog. Can i ask you do you need blog ?