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  1. Local search work for local serivces / local business not for generic one. At best the keyword "weight loss" show nationwide result not local one. Better try something like "Gym in Los vegas" or "fitness course in Los vegas" even for that having local address helps you lot
  2. Changing money site domain name

    I remember olx doing rename from some unpronouncable name kijiji.com very successfully. But they done pagewise 301, so if you type old inner page it take you to new site inner page not to new domain home page. This can be done using single line code in htaccess
  3. I notice Trafficplanet Alexa ranking losing and also many other internet forum Alexa ranking fell down in the same period. I think that's not coincidence
  4. Great list, add below seo tools to the list: Keyword finder and competitor traffic analyzer: semrush.com Keyword competition Analyzer: marketsamurai And for mail list maintaining(not SEo but traffic related): aweber.com
  5. My Failed Attempt At Local SEO

    Jason Chesters, you made another "big mistake" local business is not about ranking site no 1. Its about bringing leads. so phone number play a major role then websites. You need to sell leads to client not ranking. You make your phone number in all directories and divert the call to local businesses.
  6. Man, Local business care more about leads then traffic, so be clear about what ur going after and also for lead and traffic of local business directories, yelow pages, yelp, craigslist contribute lot so work on it
  7. Hi, For local business keyword, All you need is some common sense and you have to check how you do search for that service. 1. In my place people often interchangable call plumber as electrician infact a guy do both jobs. so you got keywords their itself. 2. You ask you local business client what are the service they provide, you may be suprised to hear some service you may not even thought about like they may also provide some thing like installing heating system, A/c system and as i said they many provide eectrician service too. so before going to use keyword tool, do your home work offline
  8. savio, check your avg time on page. if it too low then content is not good improve it. Also big factor that effect your bounce rate is navigation link. May be change navigation link location move to top or to left side. Also try changing anchor text in navigation based on incoming search traffic keyword. Do testing by making 1 change at a time and if it improve Bounce rate keep that change and continue changing other until you get low bounce rate
  9. Best source of traffic

    Did depends on niche. Apart from google which is main traffic for most of the people. Their are niche were Forum and social site drive good traffic. example 1. expat niche drive generally good traffic from forums and individual blog patnerships 2. greeting/ meme generate huge traffic from social sites
  10. Yahoo Answers Strategy

    Aravin, 1. use multiple acounts to post answer 2. mask you link with 301 url shortner 3. reate subdomain in your site and link them
  11. TOP 5 Free And Paid And Email Responders

    your link not working for me show 404 error. I think most IM people use aweber
  12. mattseo, Work on making email subscription offer some benefit to them. If you a weight loss blog, Have a big banner saying "subscribe free to get your daily Weight loss Tips". Something that eye catchy and make people to signup
  13. Hi, Don't say I will list your service in directories, I make content for you, most local business not interested in that talk. Tell them I will bring you lead, callc and you pay be monthly $100 or $200 and I report you the number sale or leads generated through my service. Simply most local business not listed online or not have right presence. Once sealing the deal create a website for them with keywords in domain try to rank it, add site in directory listing and in all these give an redirect phone number which redirect the call to the local business at the same time store the stats, every month call them and share the stats and leads through your number and keep receiving payment. the redirect phone number are cheap to get for montly $2 per number.
  14. Yep. The money is in local SEO. My next project is taking Local SEO in big way. In my place people know nothing about google rankings and SEO