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  1. Most of the time you can find good free ones that work however sometimes paying for a plugin makes sense. The key is to make sure that you are going to get enough of a benefit to make the plugin worth the extra money. I use some paid ones but most of them have free versions or trials so I could check them out before paying the money to make sure it would be worth doing so.
  2. There is really no good answer as WordPress does not have the contact info of people who have downloaded the plugins. Posting it on the site would be nice but really what percentage of people go to the WP site and check it for news? Not very many I would say. If you are not scanning your site for malware regularly you should be doing so.
  3. It is a non-zero amount but small enough that you might as well ignore it. One thing to keep in mind though is there is usually a delay in the 301 getting process for ranking and seo purposes. So if you do a 301 there will probably be some bouncing around for a short time before it settles down.
  4. Damsu

    Advice on ranking behavior

    You may be too deep down the hole with this client but part of being "the guy" is telling clients that what they want is not what they need.
  5. Damsu

    Advice on ranking behavior

    Since you are ranking on the first page for multiple long tails it is probably not a matter of Google having a problem with your site but more likely something you are doing in your link building that is giving Google mixed signals. What is your anchor text mix as far as targeted, untargeted, related, and bare links? It is a lot easier to over optimize you anchor text than it was even a few years ago.
  6. Damsu

    looking for backlinks

    If you are still looking drop me a pm.
  7. Pretty much what I was thinking. If you ignore grammar what are you using to decide what is and what is not quality content? Does not much sense but you are correct that Google will never let us know what is going on behind the curtain.
  8. If you are looking to change your hosting you should check out the link to Terry's hosting company up at the top of the site. They do furnish the free ssl certificates among other benefits.
  9. Very few people probably check however FireFox does display the 2 certificates differently. If you have the domain only certificate the lock section is displayed in blue if you have the business verified it displays in green. For most sites it probably does not matter but if you have high volume or high ticket average ecommerce site it makes sense to go ahead and spend the extra money as 1 or 2 sales over the course of the year will pay for the better certificate.
  10. Was stripe able to fix you up?
  11. Domestically as in Domestically in the US? If that is the case you are probably going to need a US bank account.
  12. Yoast is the best choice it is not really even close.
  13. If google really is not taking grammar and spelling into account that makes you wonder exactly how they are determining quality content.
  14. Damsu

    How to fix low open and click rates?

    Most of the time niche is not going to be specific enough. You want people on your list that are looking for information, services, or products that are in line with what you are trying to sell them.
  15. Mostly just a misunderstanding of the process. Many I have talked to and dealt with treat each step separately rather than one flow. They focus on getting clicks or traffic but not how everything works together. You see it a lot in email campaigns where the focus is on open rates even if the subject of the email has little or nothing to do with the body.