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  1. A lot of people would have been pissed if they had completely shut down Google. Even Wikipedia being shut down is very annoying, however they show you how you can still access wikipedia by simply turning off javascript on your browser or accessing it from your mobile or tablet.
  2. I just meant don't spend all of your time doing that. Manage your time carefully as some of these backlinks might disappear and you would have wasted tons of time.
  3. lol PR still has a meaning. Doesn't mean it's the most important thing in the world but it still has a significance.
  4. Shouldn't hurt to backlink your backlinks. Just don't overdo it.
  5. I use Microsoft OneNote. Also a lot of people love workflowy.com, but personally I don't like it.
  6. Cedric

    NON Seo hosting you like

    I used to be with iPage and it was terrible. My websites were down several times per day for several minutes and loading pages took several seconds (10+). I read that Hostgator was one of the best hosting company so I bought their reseller package at the special black Friday price and I must say I am amazed by how good they are. First of all they moved all of my sites (28) for free without any issue in less than 12 hours and my sites load so fast and are never down! I am so happy I moved to Hostgator I couldn't handle it anymore trying to work on my websites and they would be down all the time and taking forever to load it was such a huge waste of time. Plus I might actually rank better on Google with my websites loading faster!
  7. Interested in this as well. If anyone ever used it, please post. Thanks!
  8. Mainly Senuke and submitting articles to article directories and blog networks.
  9. I sell seo services and I offered great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Even with a very thin profit margin the high sales volume made it very profitable. However it's been very slow since the end of Cyber Monday. Can't wait until Boxing Day!
  10. OnlineJobs.ph is $49 per month, it is actually more expensive than oDesk. TimeDoctor.com is $9.99 per month so that makes it $59 per month and you don't even have an employee yet. If you hire someone on oDesk for $2/hour which there are hundreds, oDesk charges you $0.22 per hour, that comes to a total of $35.20/month (0.22*160 hours) so oDesk is half price than the option you suggested.
  11. Cedric

    Backlinks & Articles

    I still am not sure what you mean. Do you mean, the amount of backlinks to put in one article versus how much you should spin that same article? Please be more clear with your question if you want a good answer.
  12. I have a a full time Filipino employee working for me full time. I pay $300 per month, this employee is working for me through a Philippines outsourcing company. The price also includes tons of seo softwares such as senuke. I am extremely satisfied with the work my employee is doing, however there is a few things you have to keep in mind. You have to be extremely patient with them, especially at the beginning. The cheaper you are going to pay them, the more you are going to have to train them. But once trained, they require almost no supervision. So expect to be working full time training your employee for a few weeks (at night). You also have to expect them to make mistakes, this is normal as these people are not as educated as we are in Occident. They make mistakes, they don't have the same general knowledge that we do. Always remember that hiring the same employee in your country would cost about 10 times the price, so just accept these mistakes. If you pay more money, maybe $600 to $1000 per month, then you can have a fully competent employee, but at $300, you get what you pay for. Why do you say you can only hire for 1 job on oDesk? You can hire a full time employee on oDesk paid hourly and keep that person for years, you can even hire an entire team full time. The advantage of oDesk is that you can see their progress and time sheets with the oDesk software so you are certain they are working for you.