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  1. This chart should help you easily see how much stronger a PR4 link is than a PR3 link: In case you missed it, you'd need 101 PR3 links to make a PR4 link. This isn't a perfect calculation but you get the idea. Higher PR (if legitimate) is always much stronger.
  2. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    55 PBN Footprints I Found From 2,500 De-Indexed PBNs

    Hey Rich, I meant NOT having any kinds of ads.
  3. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    55 PBN Footprints I Found From 2,500 De-Indexed PBNs

    Yeah, you can grab someone else's code and use it every now and again. Though I think this would fall into one of the advanced footprints. Cover all the basics first and then move to the advanced ones. I've broken them down by essential & non-essential on my blog if you need it.
  4. They're really working on veering away from traditional backlinks as ranking signals and I can see why. Seems like most of their algo tweaks are working though. Most SEOers are complaining that even small niche sites are taking forever to move to the top spots. It's still an algorithm though so all you have to do is incorporate the new signals into your SEO and the wheels will start turning again.
  5. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    55 PBN Footprints I Found From 2,500 De-Indexed PBNs

    Yeah, people tend to think they're too big to do things like that but you have to realize it's easy for them and the benefit is high. It could be as simple as setting up a few search strings from their end like: "PBN" + "SEO" "PBN Links" "PBN" + "Link Report" etc... They could just run whatever data they found through an automated PBN checker and uncover networks with ease. I'm not saying they do this, but it'd be pretty easy if they wanted to. Specially with PHDs on their side. Exactly. I need to move off their stuff entirely. I feel icky being tracked so much.
  6. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    what holds people back online?!

    Yeah, in most cases people lose focus. Can't blame them, there are a million and one ways to make money online and every next way looks better than the last...
  7. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    Monthly Income Reports

    Yeah, you know exactly what I mean Rich.
  8. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    Browser leaks your location info- even behind a VPS

    I wonder what percentage of people know how much they're being tracked. Most aren't tech savvy enough to do anything about it either.
  9. Hey guys, Hope you're out there working on your PBNs cause absolutely nothing else works better right now based on my testing. That being said, towards the end of last year I lost about 60 domains in what seemed like one sweep. That was easily $5,000 down the drain. After that I got really serious about my PBNs and wanted to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. I found 55 possible footprints from 2,500+ deindexed PBN sites. Once I started covering these footprints I haven't had a single site de-indexed in the last 5 months. For the past few months this has been a private list but no more And here they are... 1. Duplicate SOA Records 2. Crawlers & Spiders Blocked on All Sites 3. Too Much Unrelated Content 4. Too Many CDN Hosts 5. No CDN Hosts 6. Poor Site Categorization 7. No Whois Privacy 8. Only Whois Privacy 9. Duplicate Nameservers 10. Duplicate WhoIs Domain Emails 11. Same Registration & Renewal Dates 12. No Hosting Diversity 13. Too Many Cheap Hosts 14. No TLD Variation 15. Only One Registrar 16. Don’t Use SEO Hosting! 17. Poor IP Diversity 18. Same Server Locations 19. Too Much Downtime 20. Only Using WordPress 21. Not Re-Creating Some Sites 22. Not Enough Theme Diversity 23. No Custom Logos 24. Duplicate Plugins on Entire Network 25. No Authenticity or Originality 26. No Linked Social Profiles 27. Same Name for Every Author 28. Not Deleting Sample Pages & Posts 29. Mystery Authors 30. No Legal Pages 31. No Contact Page 32. No Communication Address 33. Majority Content Linking to Money Site 34. All Links Using Exact Match Anchors 35. OBLs (Outbound Links) to Authority Sites 36. Internal Linking 37. Don’t Interlink Your Network Sites! 38. Same Number of Links or Posts on Homepage 39. Same Number of Links in Each Post 40. Same Linking Mechanisms Each Time (i.e. contextual) 41. Not Enough Rich Media or Too Much Rich Media 42. Spun or Garbage Content 43. Duplicate Content 44. Duplicate Images 45. Duplicate Video 46. No Traffic or Interactions on Your PBN 47. Broken Posts or Code 48. Same Posting Dates & Times For All Posts 49. Identical Advertising Code 50. Identical Analytics Code 51. Identical Custom Application Code 52. PBN Management Software 53. Using Chrome & G Products for Your PBN Data 54. Limited Word Count Range 55. All Sites Displaying Full Posts on Homepage Some of these are speculative, I know. But a lot are essential. I go into detail on each footprint in my blog post here. And I even break them down into essential and non-essential if you need it. Let me know if I missed any and tell me what you think of the list... Now go out there and build some bulletproof PBNs you ballers!
  10. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    Monthly Income Reports

    The only thing that worries me about most of these sites is, they make money teaching others how to make money. Hardly any of them are showing numbers outside the MMO niche.
  11. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    Who the Hell are You and Why are You Sending Me Emails?

    I notice there is so much spam getting through to my inbox these days too and unsubscribing does nothing...
  12. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    how did they get this neat serps listing?

    It's not something you can control ATM.
  13. AFAIK I guess this holds true for most display networks. They charge you for displays even if the user never scrolls down to your adspace area. A select few actually only charge for "viewed" ads but the majority don't.
  14. Dave @ Searchnetics.com

    Question about PBN domain names & manual reviews

    If you're creative you can always come up with ideas. Here are a few: 1. Make the site into a web design collection showcasing great designs. The site you link out to can be one of 'em. 2. Davenport days could easily be a "dog training" (example you used) site if you just had content relevant to the days you spent training your dog in Davenport. 3. Again, you asked for finance so it could be about what you did to make money while you were in Davenport. 4. You could use Davenport as a Last Name and just put whatever content you wanted on there and name the author Tracy Davenport or something. The point I'm trying to make here is, the web isn't perfect and neither are all the white hat links that go around. Yes, you'd want your PBN site to be niche specific but NO 100% of all your links do not have to be niche specific.
  15. Although you may find a solution, I highly recommend you get away from AMR. I was using it for the same purpose and it's a massive headache.