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  1. Hey everyone my name is Andrew Naser and i am new to this great forum so i wanted to make my first post a live case study to test wither proper on page seo have a big factor on ranking a video so what i did is i found a good keyword "buyer keyword" that gets around 4000 searches a month but almost all the top 10 results have BIG backlinks profile but NO proper on page seo for that keyword and also there is no video on the first few pages so i thought this is the perfect keyword for this test i created a high quality channel and a great video and optimized it for my keyword : -kw in title -400 word article on the description with my main keyword and few LSI keywords -my channel name is my main keyword i am gonna do little backlinking to this video on the next few days to see what will happen i document everything here on my blog -> http://www.rapidmarketingblog.com/case-study/first-case-study-post-planning/ and here is the first update -> http://www.rapidmarketingblog.com/case-study/case-study-update-one-uploading-the-video-and-link-building/ as soon as i have new updates i will post it here talk soon, Andrew
  2. My Rankings Improved By Doing This

    Hey Jason, great point here i always try to build links to my inner pages another thing i do and had a great success with is in this inner page i link back to the homepage with my main kw so if i have a website www.money.com and my keyword is "make money" what i do is create a page on that website "high quality one" www.money.com/how-to-get-money and have a link back to my homepage with the main keyword and do campaign for this inner page it works Andrew
  3. Google is a Search Engine?

    google is about to dominate the world lol
  4. happens all the time, but most of my sites are in very competitive niches so when i hit page one i already have high authority so this spammy links don't affect me much but it would be wise to use google disavow tool to prevent this domain Andrew
  5. Encrypted Search!

    Yup google mentioned earlier they will encrypt most if not all the data for search terms http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/google-encrypting-all-searches-nj i am still trying to find a solution for it and as soon as i find it i will post it
  6. Meta Descriptions

    when you are dealing with google you can expect anything to happen. However i don't think this gonna happen, meta description is important to get higher CTR on the search results, so i write me description carefully to get the highest CTR possible