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  1. I outsource all my content writing to either: - freelancer.com (a bit more expensive but you get gret quality hand-written articles) - iwriter.com (less expensive but not as good a quality as the above) Az
  2. All of the above are good advice.. When I'm seeking to hire someone from Odesk or Freelancer, i like to conduct an interview over skype. Give them a short task to complete (which is relevant to the role). Also look at: evidence of communication and customer service - how responsive are they? Do they provide regular updates on progress? past recomendations or references - have past clients been happy with their work? That along with the outcome of the interview should determine if that individual is suitable for the job. Az
  3. If i understand this correctly, all you need to do is host your 2nd money site on a different domain to your 1st money site. (use your keywords in your respective domains). Try to use your anchor text in your outbound links less & less... Focus more on your other keywords & generic terms like 'click here' This should solve any issues with Google smelling anything fishy with your network. Az
  4. AzizA1

    Do Web 2.0 still Work?

    Its pretty unwise to just completely abandon using all web 2.0 sites.. You should only pick high PR sites. AND Provide real in-depth, engaging content thats unique. (im talking about 700-1200 words) Az
  5. AzizA1

    Guest blogging is still effective?

    There's been so much talk about this lately... Basically, the reason why Google is considering this, is that some folk have resorted to posting 100's of guest posts to any old site that will allow them to post their content. Often, the sites where the content is posted is spammy, the content is spun & the content has no (or little) relevance to the site. For the time being anyway, you should be fine, so as long as you: - post completely unique hand written articles to a few top quality relvent sites (about 2-3 a month) - diversify your anchor text as much as possible Az
  6. If you use SB correctly & in conjunction with other methods, then its possible to see an improvment in rankings. The problem is too many folk use SB the wrong way - then complain when they dont get the results they're looking for. Using scrapebox to find high PR low obl blog comments and leaving comments can work to your favour - as long as you dont go crazy 1000 of comments on different blog sites....thats just looks spammy. Az
  7. Hi, Either try Freelancer.com & search for writers OR I use iwriter.com. You can find some 5 star writers out there....and the content always passes copyscape. Az
  8. Hi, It may be problematic if your 2nd money site is on the same domain as the first.. Just put it under a different domain name. You'll only get on Google's radar if you go crazy with the backlinks to your money-site. If you deliver the backlinks very slowly & steadily, you avoid tripping any Google alarms. Just make sure that: - the backlink is from relevent content - the anchor texts are as diverse & randomised as possible. Az
  9. Although expensive, paid ads are a good way to create a steady traffic flow without needing Google...(assuming you avoid AdWords, of course). Also, as well as forums (as youve mentioned), commenting on relevant blog posts (& leaving your link within your name) which are fresh & getting lots of visitors can also create a steady stream of traffic.. Not much.. but if done consistently & with other methods, it can bolster up your incoming traffic. Az
  10. AzizA1

    Pages or Posts...which is better?

    Makes no difference in the eyes of the search engines. The only thing that matters is your internal link structure which is supported irrespective of whether you choose pages or post. Az
  11. AzizA1

    AdSense Income

    Adsense in itself will provide a very small level of income - especially if it's only 500 visitors. You should supplement your Adsense with other offers like affiliate promotions (either through a product review or recommended products page). Az
  12. I never thought of that, but it makes pyschological sense... When people see other's who have liked/shared a particualr post, they feel excluded or left out unless they too like/share as well... So yes, it's good to have social buys in the inital stages/ This should hopefully bump up your actual shares/likes! Az
  13. The best way to diversify is to make your anchor links as natural looking as possible... This means using a random mixture of your primary keyword, your other keywords & some generic terms like 'click here'. I would only use your primary keyword 10-20% of the time. Use these in the following way: Social media; facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn, Forum & blog posting. Guest Posting Combine that with some detailed, unique, in-depth content, & you should be fine.. Az
  14. AzizA1

    Encrypted Search!

    If you want to optimise your site, focus on content, & content management system. Backlinks & paid search are just icing on the cake. The content is at the core of everything you do to optimize your site. Have your primary keyword included in your domain name. Google is focusing not just on content, but also on how relevent your site is to what users are looking for. So ensure that your text, titles & description match the content on your site and make this content as in-depth & detailed as possible. Also, dont just focus on keyword optimisation. Focus on multi-channel stragey as well. This includes; using platforms like; Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Az
  15. There's nothing wrong with guest blogging & nothing to fear for the time being - as long as it's done right! When you guest blog, it should be more about how engaging & relevent the content is to the reader - rather than "oooh this is another way for be to get links!" If you guest blog in moderation & carefully select where you post your content also carefullt create unique, well written well-structured content, then you'll be fine.. If on the other hand, you've been guest blogging crap content like crazy all over the place then you may be in for a shock in the not too distant future... Fact is, no-one knows at the mo whether Google will introduce penalities for guest blogging as well.. Az