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  1. Inal1951

    TOP 5 Free And Paid And Email Responders

    yep, link not working. But Aweber is popular among internet marketers.
  2. If you have a blog with 500 minimum visitors on a daily basis and you don't have email sign-up option then you are surely missing something BIG!
  3. Fake FB likes are useless and proxynvpn is correct, there is no point, they are just numbers - useless numbers but if you insist and really want it then Addmefast can do the job for you!
  4. Inal1951

    Emails are intercepted and diverted

    This is the first time I heard about this.. how can competitors divert your emails?
  5. Inal1951

    Can I earn from another website?

    Yup. That is possible.
  6. Inal1951

    Tiered Linkbuilding Experiment

    I am very positive that tiered linkbuilding is still very effective but I think everyone will appreciate it if we can have an update from Iprovideseo about this experiment. Did you make it on the first page?
  7. vkhare is right, it's best if you already have a plan that needs only to be implemented otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.. (based on my experience)
  8. I agree. Go to freelanciing sites like odesk and elance. Make sure to ask for some work samples. You will find really good writers there!
  9. Inal1951

    Best A Class Hosting for 20 Money Sites

    Why don't you check out webmasters/webhosting forum sites. I am sure you will find what you need there.
  10. Inal1951

    What is the career in SEO ?

    Well,, master your craft first and you're definitely on the right track!
  11. I think, this depends on the niche. In your case - SEO business, I don't think spending $1 per day will be enough. For this type of niche, Youtube video tutorials are more effective.
  12. Inal1951

    What is your best traffic source?

    Well, my number 1 source remains to be organic search (google), social media being the second and Yahoo answers.
  13. Inal1951

    Total Tweet Blue Print

    PDF downloaded man! I promise to leave a review at Amazon as soon as I finish reading it! Thanks again!
  14. For me, youtube and social media. I am also getting significant amount of traffic from Yahoo Answers.
  15. Do you have personal experience with their customer service? Will they help you if the software will not work or having errors?