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  1. hell yeah! Sounds like a worthy case study. Because the dating niche is notoriously difficult it might be helpful if you run the same exact set of criteria on multiple niches, at the same time. Yes it would have to be extremely epic, but would be easier to tell if you found a system vs what works in one specific niche. Either way kudos my good sir, and look forward to the results.
  2. yup, not sure I agree with that for big G either . P.S. this thread reminds me to troll Terry Kyle some more since he got me interested in large case studies. I have something I'm working on now that's pretty epic but it's insanely time consuming
  3. Sorry for not explaining the ban, but that sure was a lot of assumptions . I explained it on other mediums: forums, video but I will do so here ABC3k was NOT the reason for the ban, nor was any link building. We were actually ranking very well in Google from using this system. The reason they cited was unatural "likes" not links. This means people that were following the case study were liking my lenses, and I also got Squidoo bombed by someone that mass liked one of the lenses. I tried to petition it multiple times, but they never responded. So basically if you want to do negative SEO on someone, get a VPN and 30 accounts and go have some fun This happened 8 months ago? So yes, I'm not sulking in a corner over this. It was a calculated risk, and all signs have shown me that Squidoo is not the best use of your time, and may actually be a waste of time. It's a ponzi scheme where the old, established lenses remain indexed, and the newer ones fall by the wayside. Last in, first out as the saying goes in business. Yes, they were making me nearly $100 passively, but I've lost over 100k over the years in bad calculated risks, but have also gained much more. I was tired of hearing the hype of Squidoo and wanted to grow it out for myself (took action!). If you want some advice, forget about Squidoo for making $$, at least serious money, and focus on your own websites and other top tier sites that don't deindex your stuff so quickly (youtube, press releases, etc). Squidoo has less than a million pages indexed (site:squidoo.com). I'm running websites with more pages indexed, so that should be a red flag. How many lenses do you think people have created? Over 5 million I would guess, and they aren't doing those people any good at all. You'll have your day in the sun with them but a few months in, the scam that is Squidoo starts to unravel and you realize what a joke it is (at least for making $$). On the other hand, I love the platform from a user standpoint, and it's very easy to use. There will still be those claiming they are making insane $$ on there, but it's not scalable and it's most likely a lense they created, put a ton of time in and backlinked, which represents a lot of risk if it doesn't pan out.
  4. Account got banned . But yes, we backlinked using ABC3k since it gave us a lot of backlinks across a wide variety of IPs, themes, etc for a low price. We just went after the main phrases and the long tail was naturally happening. I would have focused on them more but with so many lenses it was easiest to set onpage Squidoo such as tags and go after the main phrase; fast forward to today, we know you have to spread out anchor text.
  5. Thanks guys. Squidoo banned me. I honestly think it's an over hyped platform and the lack of indexed pages makes it a Ponzi scheme where your content eventually falls off the radar and goes "red" aka not in the system and told to search engines to not stay indexed.
  6. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    Thank you very much Chris! Very happy everything got corrected and you love the posts. Look forward to having you as a valued member for the future as well.
  7. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    I clearly stated that they could not use the conventional methods so I apologized and said I understood why they tried alternative methods. I then went on to correct the issue and supply my email, and you can even call if you like phone # on website http://backlinksvault.com Did you read the part about where I said "I dropped the ball" because I don't monitor forums for customer support? We have a system in place with support tickets and email, not a random trafficplanet forum thread. Not sure why you chose to attack me; text can be deceiving and I think you read it as me being upset, when I clearly apologized for the issue, corrected it, and let it be known the best channels for customer support. Ask my clients if I value their money and membership before launching such an ugly, misguided post.
  8. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    hi Chris, I contacted you through PM because you posted a problem you were having. I did check with my project manager and your report is being sent out. The problem with managing customer service in a forum is that it's not organized. Much easier with support tickets or direct email. So yes, I dropped the ball on returning your PM on this forum, but the work, which is the main thing was done (should be in your inbox shortly). We did a great job on it for you, and look forward to earning more of your business. Thank you. If any others have problems please feel free to come out of the woodwork or email me directly contact@backlinksvault.com
  9. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    Yes, considering this thread was originally around the discussion of my service http://web2.0backlinks.com (I did not start this thread I'd like to point out some advantages of our service). 1) 100% manual. We can even write original articles for only $2 more. Bots and programs are good but manual is always going to lead to higher quality and a longer shelf life. You aren't buying a link for just "today" but for the long run. 2) We add images and embed backlinks manually - even in spun content the link is placed where it makes sense, and spaced out in the beginning, middle and end. 3) Cheaper than other manual services. 4) Larger database than any other since we have 125+ active we use. No other service can use this many as we register to sites the bots simply can not. I'd be fine with this thread being locked as the OP asked about this specific service and see it turning into a discussion about web2.0s, and everyone answering seems to be offering a web2.0 service (albeit not cheaper, or not manual). sidenote: we dropped senuke in favor of doing things manual as the quality has gone up dramatically along with the diversity. It's also 100% autopilot from your end. Simply enter URLs and Keywords to win. Report sent attached in Microsoft Excel format.
  10. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    Got it. Just sent you a PM. Thanks
  11. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    Would help if you let me know what service and email so I can answer intelligently . If it's web2.0backlinks itself please let me know your username and I'll check on this. This is a monthly service, so you get the full report within 30 days, usually sooner.
  12. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    No doubt. Just showing how versatile they are - web 2.0s are a tool in your link building arsenal. Don't worry I'm not a Google employee . I think the sensitivty to "white", "gray", "black" is getting excessive btw. What we're finding is a mixture of everything gives the best results. You think people got rich during Prohibtion not running liquor? Web 2.0s becoming dirty, or evil because you send a lot of crap links to it doesn't really register in my brain. The internet is going to survive whether that goes on or not. And while we're being honest, you aren't creating the web2.0s to be read, but to rank the main, money site. If it's read it's an ancillary bonus. So, everything we do at some level is manipulation outside of onpage seo. These terms, white, gray, black, etc are meant to devise the webmaster community and demonize tactics that work. /jumpsoffsoapbox
  13. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    Web 2.0s are actually stronger than ever since they are publicly available sites and not a private blog network. These include platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Xanga, etc. In order to avoid going poof, you need to vary the anchor text, not necessarily the source of the link, which in this case is very powerful. Many of these sites are in the top 1000 in Alexa because they are used by millions of real people, and not just a source for backlinks. Early link building (2006) relied on public websites, with a shift to private networks in past couple years. With all the penalties and Google changes, we are seeing a shift back to public links (private still work amazing, but you need to hedge your bets). Web2.0s represent a quality safe haven that have stood the test of time. It's my personal favorite link building tactic and one we use to rank thousands of clients sites. At any given time we use around 125 of them, but the core ones remain year after year. They are also suprisingly resilient to penalties so you can build forum profiles, blog comments, wiki backlinks, edu, etc directly to them and usually only good things tend to happen. Link laundering Mafia style
  14. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    Yes, my team does . But you put "Sent Again". Wasn't sure if you meant you sent something to us?
  15. Web 2.0 Backlinks

    Hi, Sent to web2.0backlinks.com support? I don't see any pending tickets. What is your username? Thank you