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  1. ranktactics

    PBNs: Totally DEAD right?! ..Not so fast.

    This is correct! I have over 20 domains registered with GoDaddy which are used for my PBN. Now, I pay more close attention to where I purchase hosting. I like to mix it up as much as possible. Domain registration does NOT matter as much as hosting. I however do use the same hosting within PBN because you'll have a hard time finding 100 reliable hosting companies. With this said, I don't focus on creating websites for building links but provide quality as well. I follow a strict content writing and link building pattern which so far has done well.
  2. ranktactics

    Deindexing of PBN's

    Hi, Use some other tools to check backlinks and make sure the reoport is correct! Try searching backlinks via AHREFS and/or Alexa.com to see what kind of profile they produce. Have you setup a sitemap.xml for your website?
  3. ranktactics

    Deindexing of PBN's

    Hi, That's actually strange because from my research even those that have been de-indexed have just been given manual penalties and would have to go back and make the changes. For example, if you have "thin" content or "backlinks" you'll have to go back and fix the issue. I had this issue with one of my clients websites and corrected the problem. Quick question... Do you have a GWT property setup with the website and if so, what does it say enter "Manual Actions" If there have been any penalties you'll find them there and can proceed. Please let me know and I can address the issue accordingly.
  4. ranktactics

    Deindexing of PBN's

    EXACTLY my point. If you are building websites for PBN networks, it's important to build them thinking long-run in mind because this is the only way to protect yourself from getting penalized. You have to remember that once you've created a long lasting website, it can be used for years. You should always think long run and invest time into writing content which is in-depth and provides a resource. To stay safe always think quality!
  5. ranktactics

    Deindexing of PBN's

    Hi, That's all that matters. Listen, if you have been blogging for years and have a blog doing well, just think about the things you did when creating that blog. Think about the effort and quality of your content. I know many of you are probably thinking that it'll take too long but remember things done right can be of an asset for years to follow and can be used as a vital link building website going forward. I'm running a case study trying different things and will give you guys a quick update when something changes on my end.
  6. ranktactics

    Deindexing of PBN's

    Hi, Thanks why it's important to switch things around completely like email address or even logging through a different IP address which can be done using various tools. I personally travel a lot so set-up accounts from different places and just started to use a IP VPN service. Anyway.... Well, it is widely believed that the initial alert is done by the algorithm and then once they have a collection of websites, the team does a manual sweep. However, they did this in the beginning when testing...do they do it now? No way, there are just too many websites online to go around doing everything manually. Next, I think they look for a handful of factors when determining if a websites are PBN. Just like Google has over 200 ranking factors to only provide the best results to it's users, I believe they have put a system in place full of "20-30" factors that would reflect a PBN network. However, this is my opinion and all thoughts are welcome. Personally, since a PBN is supposed to be a network created by "1" person to boost their money site, stay away from anything that would connect all these websites together. The easy way to do this is to ask yourself...can Google find out this site I'm created is linked to others including my money website.
  7. ranktactics

    Panda 4.1

    Hi, You have to really follow the trend in Google Panda which has been to make an impact against low quality thin content websites. Google has been focusing on limiting poor quality websites from the results. Even the latest Panda 4.1 has been aimed at the following... "Google says it’s supposed to be more precise and will allow more high-quality small and medium-sized sites to rank better" Again, you notice an emphasis on "high" quality. I really don't understand why people are worrying so much. If you are a serious blogger who has been producing nothing but awesome content, you have nothing to worry about now and going forward. I'd be more worried about the effects it'll have on your PBN websites which people create to increase rankings but fail to publish high quality content on them. In the end, if you have a serious blog, producing serious content...then...don't worry about these updates.
  8. ranktactics

    Deindexing of PBN's

    Hi, Thanks to both of you for your feedback.. The ideas you guys mentioned should be implemented NO matter what during creation of your PBN. You have to make sure to NOT add Google code, same affiliate links, always use different email addresses and even different IP addresses. If you have created websites without making those changes then you are already off to a bad start. It's important to make sure that you follow a strict criteria when first designing your private blog network. However, if you have still been de-indexed then it has to be the "4" factors I mentioned above because you have covered your ground in every other way. I mentioned during my case study to never interlink between websites as well so make sure that you never do that since it is a unsafe way for Google to start connecting your websites. This was covered in my post when setting up your PBN's. If you have followed the proper set-up procedure then it's important to make content, linking, frequency and keyword changes moving forward. I have outlined my case study from the starting and even produced some results that you can take a look at. If you would like to reference the case study because you are just getting started, here is the step-by-step link... http://ranktactics.com/private-blog-network-website-1-0/ Please let me know if you have any more questions.
  9. ranktactics

    Deindexing of PBN's

    Hi, This is very true! The update they rolled out about a month ago has really switched things up. A lot of the people I work with have seen anywhere from 10-80 websites removed. However, there seems to be an understanding of what types of changes need to be made in order to protect yourself going forward. First, trust me when I say that they'll be another update rolled out that will crush PBN (private blog networks) if things are not done correctly. I have been building a PBN which has not been affected and to be honest, yesterday I saw an increase of 23+ on many of my keywords. Also, I have a secret weapon I am working on which I will roll out an update on my blog next month. I'll come back here and give you an update as well. It has been a while since I have been on but will make a mental note. Anyway, in my most recent post regarding PBN's, I outlined these 4 things... These are all things which I dicussed with my mentor which has been operating his network for almost two years without any issues. 1) Write high quality content relevant to your “targeted†website. Content should be in-depth well over the normal threshold of 500-600 words. I usually write content 900-1500 words. If you have trouble writing content this long then spread out the process over several days writing 200 words per day. 2) Frequency should be no more than “2†posts per week. However make sure to follow the linking strategy mentioned in the next step. 3) DO NOT link out every post. You need to have websites look as real as possible which means NOT having your content always linking to your “targeted†website. You CAN link out to other relevant authority websites within your content. DO NOT exceed more than “1†external link to a relevant source. 4) Every 4th piece of content published should be linked to your “targeted†website. Include no more than “2†links going to “2†separate pages. When building links it’s important to mix around the keywords between “anchor†and “relatedâ€. 5) Make sure to keep working on the design of your website so it looks as real as possible. For example, add a Home, About Us and Contact Us page. Next, add some menus relevant to your niche making it more realistic. It’s not important to do this all in one day but when you have time…work on the design! Let me know if you guys have any questions and I'll pop on later to get them answered. See U!
  10. Hi, I've tried many things and the best strategy that always works is Guest Posting. Its a great way to drive traffic to your blog while getting your content noticed. Also, you have many bloggers that see your content and you have a solid chance of people linking to your content. High quality content is also very important because people automatically just want to link to it right away.
  11. Hi, A "dofollow" will allow for Google to index the link while and "nofollow" not really provide any value to the person being linked. You have to figure out what it is you are trying to achieve. Many times when you link out to another site, people will somtimes link back to you if they see the link in the first place. a "nofollow" link from my experience is not traceable so you are restricting people finding your website through a ping back.
  12. Many times we’re focusing on ways to build our SEO rankings in Google. There are so many ways to build links to your website with new tools, white hat and black-hat techniques. Some ways are better than others but you need to make sure that you keep focused on your objective. I decided to find out what are the biggest SEO mistakes that people are making in this day and age. I found a great video by Matt Cutts where he explains the mistakes in order from most-to-least important. I wanted to put this post together for you so all of you are well aware of the KEY SEO mistakes as provided by Matt Cutts... 1. Site Cannot Be Crawled This is the most common error because how do you expect for your site to get indexed if Google cannot connect to it. First, Google crawl’s pages and sites by navigating from page to page which means that any other external sites that links to your site will also be indexed as having a link toy our website. Many people are not aware of a page cannot be accessed which is why there page or keywords have not been indexed. Solution: Start by setting up an account on Google Webmaster Tools Next, if you haven’t added your site, it’s time to do by clicking “Add Site†then type in URL and verify. There are 4 options to verify that you are the owner of the website: Through domain provider like GoDaddy, HostGator, etc Add Meta Tag to your home page Add Google Analytics code to your site Upload an HTML file through FTP to your server Once your site has been added you’ll see it in the dashboard. Click the site you would like to check and on the left you’ll see a tab for “Crawl†and then proceed to “Crawl Errors†Here you’ll see any errors Google has encountered when trying to access your website. If there is an error then just copy and paste it into Google to find ways that you can fix the error going forward. 2. Not Including The Right Keywords We all know that keywords are very important so Google knows what your content is about. Going to broad can be a huge mistake. Matt Cutts often sees people use the phrase “Mount Everest Elevation†and then write content around this keyword. The problem is that many people don’t type in that phrase when searching for “Mount Everest Elevation†because you would have noticed that people usually type in “How High is Mount Everest†when searching from the exact elevation. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find keywords that people are actually typing in then write content around those keywords. You’d be surprised what you’ll notice about peoples search patterns. What might be a phrease you type in is not what others do. Solution: Write content using the right keywords which people actually type in. Search for words with volume and low competition. Using keyword out of the ordinary with search volume can help you drive traffic and reduce overall competition for rankings. 3. Lack of Compelling Content: I’ve always said that “content is king†and many of you would agree with that statement but I’m surprised at how many people still don’t write content that resonates with people. Google has made it no secret that they are shifting their focus to compelling high quality content and how people interact with your page. They have over 200 ranking factors and high quality content which engages readers going viral on social networks is a great way to build momentum. If your writing content on “link building†imagine that no one has ever written on that topic and you’ve been put in charge of creating the only piece of content. When you’re done ask yourself how can you make this content even better. Add visual aids, videos and inforgraphics. I wrote a great post on link building techniques focusing on input from 14 experts. Many of them said that you have to write content that people want to link to. If you write high quality content, people automatically will link to it which will boost your rankings. The problem is that people don’t write solid content and recycle the same old stuff. Then they get no rankings resorting to black-hat techniques to build links getting banned, etc. To find ways to improve content going forward, here are 13 Content Writing Tips That Will Crush Your Competition 4. Poor Title & Description of Important Pages I just discussed how keywords are important in your content but let’s discuss how important they are for your important pages. Adding keyword in your title and description on your most important pages is a definite must. Why? Simple, These are the words that will show up in the search results. When someone searches any phrase within Google, the SERP’s will list the results showing the “title†and “description†tags...here the illustration... This is what will increase the chances of getting skimmed past or someone actually clicking to your website improving your click through rate. You need to make sure that you add the words that people are searching so do the keyword research finding relevant words with search volume adding these same words within your title and description tags. You know people are searching for them so these words are an instant attraction to the human eye. There has been much debate over how important the title and description tags are in SEO so I went searching for what Google is said... "Google’s generation of page titles and descriptions (or “snippetsâ€) is completely automated and takes into account both the content of a page as well as references to it that appear on the web. The goal of the snippet and title is to best represent and describe each result and explain how it relates to the user’s query.“ Solution: Go and edit the most important pages on your blog adding the exact keyword to the “title†and “descriptionâ€. Use words that are solution based and that would tell the reader that they will find exactly what they are searching for within your content. These are the same words that should be included within your content and title,description. 5. Lack of Experimentation with other Tools Google Webmaster Tools is an awesome FREE tool for bloggers and web developers however Matt Cutts himself stated that there are many other awesome tools that provide you an all in one solution. The web is all about finding what works so many people may want to go searching for other resources. For example, there are bloggers who have dedicated their lives to providing FREE SEO link building techniques some have gone as far as providing video tutorials and case studies. In the end of the day, Google is a company who is secretive about a lot when it comes to SEO so why not go searching for people who built a living doing SEO from the ground up. Over the years I have found many bloggers who do case studies showing people exactly what works saving other time and money in the process. These bloggers are making huge amounts of money and invest it back into their blogs to provide their readers always something special. The key is to not spread yourself too thin and explore the internet because you’ll be surprised what you find online. If you do a simple “top seo blogs†or “top affiliate marketersâ€, you’ll find more than enough awesome blogs that you can check out. For tools, do a search for “FREE webmaster tools†or “top webmaster toolâ€. Some will offer you a FREE trail and some won’t but at least you got a chance to check out some other tools before sticking to one over the other. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed this post. This is probably my first actually thread so please provide some feedback. I know that many people try different things in SEO however I just want to make sure no one does the wrong things.
  13. Hi, I think that thank you pages should be simple because people don't want to be upselled right away. Always provide FREE advice and stay away from complicating why they opted in. Amazon can do this because they have built credibility already and people can trust them. If you want my advice...keep them simple and use a solid follow-up sequence afterwards to provide additional value.
  14. Hi, Keyword research has always been a tough game for me before you never know what really works or what doesn’t because Google has kept it a guarded secret when it comes to ranking factors. I’ll still shed some light on the topic and I hope that it really helps you out. The keyword you suggested is “local plumber†and if I was going to find more relevant keywords then I would focus on the local city of the client. So I would use keywords more targeted like “local plumber Toronto†or “Toronto local plumbers†and even “best Toronto local plumberâ€. See you have to remember that your initial keyword is NOT “plumber†but “local plumber†which in this case Google might take into account where you are located or the client and inly display your site for that Google search like Google United Kingdom, Google Canada, etc. If you’re going to focus on “local plumber†target the keyword to the city or locality around where your client is positioned. You’d be surprised that you’ll be able to rank much higher when you specific the city. I once did a seo project for a lawyer and used words like “Toronto immigration lawyer†and ended up on the second page within a month. Next, If you are incharge of creating content then that should not be so hard because all you have to do is review the client’s websites and write something about the company. Look over the companies “About Us†page which should give you some awesome ideas. Make sure its high quality content which makes sense because Google has shifted a lot towards quality content as a ranking factor. If you send me the URL I’ll be happy to take a look and give you some ideas?
  15. ranktactics

    Collecting Emails Offline UsingTablets

    Hi, That is a great idea! Just be careful and make sure that they opt-in directly to your ESP or you'll have a difficult time adding them afterward because providers ask how you obtained the email address. If your using Aweber to send out emails that just include a form on the landing page and make the person directly opt-in to "Win The iPad" on that page so they are added to your list right away instead of you adding a list afterwards which maybe the tough part. Think this through before you collect it to streamline the process.