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  1. I offer link / ad exchanges to all normal websites / blogs / portfolios / forums / youtube channels / etc (no spams or scams). For putting my link on your place you get: - your image (linked to your url) on my homepage. size of that image depends of where and how you place my link - your normal / text url listed on "pixel lists" page The site is less than 2 months online - here are the current stats: pages / visit: 3.81 avg. visit duration: 3:51 bounce rate: 40.62% If you are interested send me a pm
  2. Looking to exchange Links

    If you are interested, we can exchange homepage link for homepage link. More precisely - you would get 1 image link on my homepage + normal / text url in pixel lists (other page). Since you have multiple sites - maybe we can agree about multiple link exchanges on multiple pages?
  3. Your favorite Social Network

    For traffic - Reddit. Unlike Fb, Tw, G+, it's content-oriented, and unlike Stumbleupon it's more flexible. Probably the best traffic source if used properly.
  4. I think article submission is outdated / overrated. Videos and social media are the most effective. Reddit is probably the best traffic source if used properly.
  5. Great thread. Everybody should aim to be G-independent.