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    Article spinning service

    I would personally recommend you just avoid article spinning services unless you don't care about the quality of the content or whether or not it will rank in the search engines. Many of these services will require you to take the time to make changes anyway because they just cannot create quality content and material. The computer that spins the articles just doesn't have the ability to create logical content that sounds good and flows well. It may cost more to have a writer create content for you, but in the end it will be worth the investment.
  2. I have tried using Dragon Speak and have mixed feelings about it. My problem is the time it takes to learn how to use it effectively in order to more quickly create content. There are certain key phrases that need to be used in order to use proper punctuation and such. I have personally found that I need to go back over my content and make corrections anyway. For someone who cannot type very quickly this sort of program may be great. I can type around 80 or 100 words per minute so it is actually easier and quicker for me to just type out what I need to create.
  3. I would argue that you should correct and edit your writing as you go along. Waiting until the very end can often take much more time than making corrections as you go. You may also want to consider using a program such as grammarly.com to help improve your grammar and writing. Writing content is really simple. Just follow this general outline. Tell people what you are going to tell them. This is your opening paragraph and introduction. The next few paragraphs should tell them what you have to tell them. Using tips and bullet points are perfect. People love quick and easy tips. The final paragraph should tell them what you told them. Paraphrase the overall idea of the article you just wrote.