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  1. Whether you have a static html site or not does not make any difference It does not appear that having an ssl certificate or not currently matters for rankings but at some point it will. Right now the problem with not having an ssl certificate is that the browsers are giving out "this site is not safe" warnings when searchers or other visitors go to non secure pages with any fields on them that collect info even if it is just a contact page or pages that allow comments. Later this year chrome and firefox will start giving out "this site is not safe" warnings on ALL non-secure pages even if there is not a form on them. There is no reason to buy a ssl certificate at this point you can get a free one from lets encrypt or your hosting company.
  2. This has come up a few times recently you might want to check out this thread https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11872-where-is-everyone-getting-most-of-their-traffic-from/
  3. How can i drive traffic to my site ?

    We just had a very similar thread. You might want to check it out. https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11872-where-is-everyone-getting-most-of-their-traffic-from/
  4. Nice job on the ecommerce thread it is good to see so much related info all in one place like that
  5. There are quite a few places to get traffic other than Google. I would check out the traffic generation without google section of the forum for some ideas. As far as your seo efforts it kind of depends on exactly where you are and what you are already doing. If you are mostly maxed out with all your keywords at the top then focusing on other traffic methods would make sense. If there is more traffic to be had from seo than working on it makes sense.
  6. What is the best landing page builder?

    It depends on what your budget is. There are some free plugins that are ok but not great. On the other end you have leadpages which is going to run you a few hundred a year and then you have thrive landing page builder which you can get for a one time charge. Unless you are 100% sure your site is going to do enough to make leadpages worth buying I would go with thrive.It makes the most sense from a cost perspective.
  7. Advice on ranking behavior

    Another thing you might want to look at is what snippets are showing up for the keyword you are targeting and making sure that your page is targeting it correctly. Google is looking at searches intent a lot more than they used to do so that might help.
  8. High PR Social Bookmarking Lists

    I do not use them much as tier 1 links. Mixing a few in for link diversity is OK but not as a big percentage of your link building no.
  9. Advice on ranking behavior

    Is there any correlation between your seo activities and the ranking changes? How are you building the links? Are they steady with mostly the same amount of link building each week or are you doing it in surges? When you building your links are you rotating through the different link types or are you mixing them up as you go? What types of links have you been building? Did you have any quiet time where you took a break from link building and how does that match up with the rankings changes? How many long tails are you ranking for and have all of them been doing OK or just some of them?
  10. Send me a PM if you are still looking
  11. And answers the question how? How many =/= where.......
  12. As WMZ said there is no set number. It really depends on what type of links you are talking about and how many you can build on a regular basis.
  13. Pease advise - I have bought many domains

    I kind of hate to be that guy but can this even be on the level? Someone deep enough into IM taking 10 domains and doing the exact opposite of what even beginners would do? Seriously WTF??
  14. 19 technical SEO facts for beginners

    It does make a good checklist even if you are not a complete beginner.