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  1. Very interesting article and statistics! Thanks for sharing it I do agree that double opt-in will benefit your conversion rates a lot more in the long run. I personally use Double Optin but in a different way. I do not use the Auto-Responder's Double Confirmation feature - instead, I make my own. Because sometimes they might not see the confirmation email or delete it by accident or it might go to the spam folder and they have their inbox settings to automatically empty their spam folder. So, to make sure this does not happen, I create a 'thank you' page and let them know they have to confirm their subscription and I also create an email confirmation. But even if they do not see that email, they are already subscribed Gotta be smart about email marketing!
  2. Is Email Marketing Ending

    I would say that Email Marketing is way far from "ending"! I believe email marketing will never end! It is just a personal thing to have online. It is your Mail on the internet. It is more personal than social networks - which would be the closer thing to an email online. If you are not getting good results with email marketing, then it is you who is doing things wrong. There is nothing wrong with email marketing!
  3. 2015 Goals - Hold Yourself Accountable

    Income wise, my goal for 2015 is to be earning $15k a month in passive and residual income cheerss!
  4. How to Remove Post Date in Wordpress?

    There are some themes that have this option. If your theme does not have that option, then you will need to remove the code manually. Look into the EDITOR section. What you need to check and edit will depend on the Theme too. I suggest you to google it! Cheers!
  5. Cool list of Twitter tips! I agree with the reply above, timing is key to get more exposure for your tweets too. There are some tools you can use to see what times are the best to post on twitter! Thanks for sharing these tips with us! Keep up the great work! I wish you the best! Cheers!
  6. Any facebook ad coupons that work?

    The only way to get good facebook ads coupons is when you become a new paying customer to certain services online. When I became a new Godaddy.com customer, for example, they gave me a free FB Ads $50 coupon. There are certain Hosting Services that offer you these coupons as a 'bonus' for buying their services for the very first time. I hope this helps! Cheers!
  7. What an epic list man! Thanks for sharing! Awesome! Keep up the great work! Cheers!
  8. Increase Your Traffic from Google Plus by 353%

    Great infographic man! Learned a few new things about Google+! Awesome! Thanks for sharing this knowledge! Keep up the great work! I wish you the best! Cheers!
  9. WOW Robbie!! What an EPIC blog post bro!! ... I had to read it all! lol It was very valuable and packed with powerful tips. I hightly recommend other bloggers to read this! Thanks for sharing this knolwedge man! Keep up the great work! I wish you the best! Cheers!
  10. You got great points here man!! I agree with you. Most new people also thing this is an easy business to build. They do not realize that this is a real business. If you want it to pay you like a real business, then you should treat it like a real business. If you treat it like a hobby, then it will pay you like one. It is your choice. I think most people are not educated enough before attempting to build a successful income stream online. Great topic! CHeers!
  11. what holds people back online?!

    Hey guys! I'm wondering what do you think are the things that hold people back from accomplishing success online? ... For some reason some people succeed and some don't, when they have the EXACT same information at their finger tips. I see this all the time. If you give two people the exact same blue-print to success online - one will succeed and the other one will not. What do you think this happens?? I would love to hear your opinion on this! Thanks!
  12. How Do You Send Traffic To Your Email Opt-in Form?

    I highly suggest you to build a blog on that niche. You can monetize your blog with links to your Capture Page. What you do then is work on building up the daily traffic flow to the blog. Implement multiple internet marketing strategies every day and build up targeted traffic! Internet Marketing Strategies >>> Send Targeted Traffic to the Blog >>> Work on Conversions to get most click to your Capture Page >>> Follow Up with the Leads >>> Make Sales! It's really that simple. Of course, it is easier said than done but this is exactly how this all works. This is something I have been implementing myself to make money online. I've realized how powerful blogging is. ANd that is because you can implement this simple strategy online and become very successful with it. You just need to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! I hope this helps! I wish you the best of the best! Cheers!
  13. What is the worth of my Tumblr Blog?

    the worth of a blog will depend on the revenue it generates. The more daily traffic, the more it will cost of course. What you need to do is see how much money can the blog earn in a day, a week, a month. Then go from there! I hope this helps! I wish you the best! Cheers
  14. Where to get free content.

    You can use a site called http://www.repost.us It's a content sharing site where everyone shares their content. They also have a Wordpress Plugin to help you publish other people's article right from your dashboard and in very simple steps. The plugin will also put your new content in their network so others can do the same and publish your post on their blog. If you haven't checked this site out - go ahead and try it out! Another good advice would be to just copy and paste other people's blog posts and simply give them Credit for it on your Blog when you publish it. Link back to the Original Post and sometimes you could actually contact the Blog's Owner to let them know you are using their content on your site. There are many other ways to come up with free content for a site - you just gotta think outside the box for a little bit here.. get creative.. Hope this helps!! Much success!