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  1. This summer’s release is a real pride for our team: +1 new databases in the Competitor SEO/PPC research, service localization for one more international market, updates in the reports, Competitor SEO/PPC research, API and some new stuff in the Page changes monitoring tool. Let’s take a look in details. SE Ranking Japan Our platform is conquering international markets. This time it’s the land of the rising sun – Japan. What we’ve released for the Japan users: The platform interface is fully translated. Platform guide is launched and ready to navigate our users. The website is localized – check out seranking.com/jp/ And, of course, we’ve added a new database in the Competitor SEO / PPC research tool – Google Japan. There are 5 300 000 keywords in the database for competitor research and 9 100 000 for keyword suggestion. LEARN MORE Updates in Competitor SEO / PPC research tool 1. We’ve added new filters to each section in the tool. Now you can easily sort and analyze all the data samples you are interested in. 2. New “Related keywords” tab in the “Keyword suggestion tool” section is available now. Here you can explore alternative keywords that have the same pages ranked in the TOP-100 Google, as the analyzed one. 3. You can now export paid ads for the analyzed domain or the keyword in the “Paid traffic“, section, including the list of keywords, the ads texts as well as the URLs. LEARN MORE Updates in other tools: Reports Both manual and scheduled reports are amplified with the new feature – creating reports for a certain rankings group. Page changes monitoring The tool, which is designed to track changes on any page of a website, is enriched with a new feature for redirect monitoring – now we’ll be not only tracking the type of a redirect, but also displaying to which page it redirects. API We’ve added new methods for getting statistics on your SE Ranking projects. Now clients who use the API can, for example, create dashboards in the personal CMS systems. LEARN MORE
  2. We’ve got a good reason for celebration – 200 000 users – wow! We won’t be able to reach this milestone without your loyalty and support. Thank you for sticking with us! So, where is the cake and champaign? To share our joy we would like to offer you some deals:: 1. 20% discount if you’ll purchase any subscription plan in July 2. $20 bonus thrown to your SE Ranking balance which you can spend using any of our tools. Use the coupon 200000USERS when entering the payment and get 2 bonuses in 1 click! GET THE DISCOUNT
  3. A quick update about releases in June which include our website being translated into Spanish, adding two new country databases in the Competitor SEO / PPC research, and several new features for the competitor analysis. Let’s review what we’ve rolled out Spanish version of our website News for the Spanish-speaking users – we’ve added a new version of our site – SE Ranking Spain. Next in line is Dutch and Japanese. Stay tuned! Competitor SEO / PPC research updates: New Databases We’ve rolled out 2 new databases for Competitor SEO / PPC research: Google Denmark with 12 million queries and Google Belgium with 2 million queries. Now we have 14 countries in the tool. Filter by the country We’ve added a new filter to the Competitor SEO/PPC research tool. Now you’ll be able to see the number of detected keywords in organic and paid search in all available databases in the tool while analyzing any domain in the specific country. A new view of the competitors The Competitors sections is now hiding the huge websites which hold a lot of keywords that cross with yours, but don’t actually compete with you in the search (like wikipedia or youtube). This allows you to see the real main or local players in your niche. And if you want to view the entire list of competitors, including these big domains, just change your preference and get a different view.
  4. Heard of SERP’s special features? Check SE Ranking detailed guide about 16 Google SERP features why and how to track them as well as how to get there. Must read!
  5. New sections in Competitor SEO / PPC research We’ve added new sections for domain analysis: pages and subdomains in organic and paid search. What’s available now: List of the most ranked pages and subdomains of the analyzed domain in Google’s top 100 organic and paid search results. A percentage of traffic that every page brings from organic/paid search results. The estimated amount of competitor’s traffic on all pages / subdomains. The traffic cost estimation for paid and organic keywords in Google. The number of keywords the pages and subdomains are ranking for in Google’s top 100. Here you deep into the analysis of a particular page or subdomain with all the available parameters in the Competitor SEO / PPC research tool: view a list of keywords, ads, keywords rankings, etc. A brief analysis of competitor’s top 5 most popular pages and subdomains is available in the Overview section. Detailed reports are presented in the Organic traffic and Paid traffic research sections. New features in the Rankings section Previously, in the Rankings section the keywords could be grouped into thematic groups (you create groups and name them) and now we’ve added a new mode – viewing positions by URL. This allows you to group all added queries by the promoted pages, track their positions, and also evaluate which pages are ranking better, their popularity and value. We’ve also added a new column in the exported file from Rankings section – SERP Features details, which makes it easier to analyze all the data from this section. Lead generator update Lead generator is an on-page SEO-audit widget installed on your website to generate more leads. We’ve added the ability to change text in push notifications button label in the Lead generator tool. This enables testing different call-to-actions and select those that will attract more leads. Make request to start using Lead generator and instantly increase the number of leads you are getting. Marketing Plan Updates SEO is a fast-changing field and it’s crucial to keep up with its progress, that’s why we’ve completely updated the Marketing Plan’s structure and content. What did we add? 1. We’ve updated the list of necessary steps. Now the plan offers 44 tasks including the on- and off-site optimization sections, content development strategy, mobile optimization, and social media approach. We’ve refreshed the instructions and added references to every point. 2. New structure: now every step explains what it’s all about, why it is important for SEO and how to complete the task. Furthermore, each task is enriched with the links to relevant publications. 3. We’ve improved the on-site optimization section, adding the info about technical settings. Each of the items is supported by a link to official instructions from Google, Yahoo or Bing. This section now also provides an information on HTTP status codes with a detailed clarification of their meaning; you’ll also see items explaining how (and why) you need to move your site from HTTP to HTTPS; steps describing different types of redirects, clarifications about the .hreflang attribute purpose, and many other important technical SEO issues explained. 4. We have added sections related to content strategy, mobile optimization and social media marketing. These sections contain the list of necessary steps as well as the tips and insights with best practice advice for each of them. You can follow our directions or set your own tasks – our new Marketing plan is efficient and flexible at the same time. The new version of our Marketing plan is useful for all our users: SEO-newbies who just starting to learn the basics will appreciate the ‘how-to’ explanation provided for every point. To the delight of business owners, we’ve added the items on technical aspects of SEO and the tips on how to enhance content and social media strategy for the sake of better site rankings. Since the Marketing plan comprises the latest trends in the field, SEO professionals and agencies can derive useful information to complete their work better.
  6. SE Ranking is a cloud-based software with a complete set of tools for all SEO projects on one platform. It unites 35+ instruments like keyword rankings, website audit, competitor SEO/PPC research, and comprehensive reporting to name a few. A robust SEO engine and user-friendly interface make SE Ranking a software of choice for online marketing experts and newbies alike. What is under the hood Rank Tracker is a tool that provides 100% accurate rankings, parsing the data both for organic and paid search results. The instrument gathers the data from the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube), including both mobile and desktop Google's SERPs. You can check the rankings for any location (by zip code), and any language you need. Keep in mind that you can check the rankings of your competitors at no extra charge! 2. Website Audit is a tool designed for a complete and prompt SEO analysis of the entire site. It crawls all its pages (up to 500,000) and spots the optimization errors that require attention. The tool compiles a complete and an easy-to-read report, including technical settings, usability, content optimization, inbound and outbound links, etc. If you want to share the audit report, you can download it in .pdf and email to your developer, webmaster, SEO pro or a client. 3. On-Page SEO Audit is the tool to check how well a certain page is optimized for a certain query. The instrument analyses the page for over 70 parameters, including the page content (text volume, its uniqueness, keyword density, image optimization, and so forth), and the technical setting. The results of this audit are also gathered in the pdf report and can be shared with interested parties via email. 4. Competitor SEO/PPC Research provides a wide range of intelligence about your competitors and their marketing strategies. Using this tool you’ll have a clear picture about the keywords they use for organic and paid search, their traffic info, approx spendings on SEO and PPC campaigns, history of their ads, and much more. 5. Marketing Plan is a search marketing strategy with practical tips and guidance developed with a simple purpose of helping users eliminate any possible errors while promoting the site following best practices. 6. Backlink Explorer enables users to monitor and manage backlinks from getting the info about the volume, quality, and status. Most importantly, you can collect all of these data not only for your website but for any site you want (including your competitors, of course!). 7. Page Changes Monitoring – is a unique tool helping track any changes on a website, including the modifications of content, metadata, and outbound links. If your colleagues altered something on a page and it can affect its ranking, you'll see the changes before Google will index it. Special tools for B2B users Report Builder is a tool that forms a customized report on any of your projects. You can choose what information to include and personalize it to reflect your brand and styling (like adding your logo and so forth). White Label allows using SE Ranking service on your domain and under your name. Lead Generator is a widget that can be installed on your site and offer your visitors free On-Page SEO Audit. Users fill the form and get the audit report to their emails, and you get contacts of qualified leads. THERE IS MORE! Apart from the listed tools, there are instruments for collecting and grouping keywords, managing your social media accounts, and completing many other fun marketing activities. PLANS & PRICING SE Ranking stands up for affordability of the service for the businesses of all levels: from individual entrepreneurs and small companies to large enterprises and agencies. Find the plan that suits your needs and budget. No extra charges or hidden costs – with SE Ranking you’ll always know what you are paying for. SE Ranking offers everything you need for SEO. Start your free 14-day trial and see for yourself.
  7. Sure, If the date and time don't work for you, we can provide you with a replay.
  8. Join our upcoming webinar “More than SEO: the intelligence and drive behind SE Ranking†on January 25, 2017 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM AST to learn: 1. How to spend less time on one project without losing SEO quality - get more data with one click: 100% accurate website ranking, search visibility & traffic; - spend less time on one project: group thousands of keywords within minutes with search volume checked on the fly; - Google penalties no more: keep complete control over backlinks with automated monitoring and checking; - don't act blindfold in SEO with SEO/PPC competitor analysis tools. Check out our new base for Netherlands! 2. How to create great relationship with your clients - be in the know of any changes implemented to your website by you team or clients with Page Changes Monitoring tool before they affect website rankings; - create professional SEO reports just a few minutes with automated reporting tool; - use SE Ranking as your own service with White label. 3. More than SEO: something you don’t expect but most definitely need - mobile search tracking you can’t find in other SEO tools; - social media posting to easily get more social traffic; - marketing plan — best practice SEO guide to get things done properly and in the most efficient manner.
  9. Wishing all of you much success and happiness in 2017! Happy holidays everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkGp3R5gvTQ
  10. Christmas will come soon. And I think, it's high time to ask the question. How can we reward our existing and new clients with a better price? Especially, if you want to continue working together in the new year. I’ve spent some time and found a load of Christmas SEO offers that greatly surprise you. Company: SE Ranking URL: https://seranking.com/seo-happy-holidays.html Discount: 25% off on any subscription plan until December 25 Promo code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS Company: OptionMonster URL: http://optinmonster.com/pricing/ Discount: 10% off Promo code: SAVE10 Company: WpEngine URL: https://wpengine.com/plans/ Discount: 30% Off Promo code: WPECW30 Company: StudioPress URL: http://my.studiopress.com/themes/genesis/ Discount: 25% Off I will continue updating the list...
  11. It is quite easier than you can suppose. There are many useful guides how to engage with bloggers and how to write a guest post. Make a list of relavent blogs you want to post, make a good personal letter, outline your main pitches, examples of your previous articles and go ahead. I love guest blogging process. If you need any help, just let me know.
  12. My favourite inforgraphic tool is piktochart.com. Many templates, features, functions, but it is a little bit expensice 20$ per month.
  13. seranking

    The most used SEO tools

    Here are my list of the best tools: SE Ranking Semrush Google Analytics Google Adwords Ahrefs Mention WorkExaminer
  14. I agree with above mentioned Twitter tips! Keep updated your content, add more images, follow your followers!
  15. http://seranking.com is quite a good rank tracker. It also offers website audit, keyword suggestion tool, backlink monitoring and online marketing plan. Actually it has quite available rates. If you are intrested, I can provide 10% discount for all afterpayments.