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  1. I am using seobook and cute rank for my personal and business use. Matt Cutt blogs provide me the current updates about what is going right now.
  2. danieljohns

    Is Reciprocal Link Exchange Dead??

    Hi Richard do you not think that cross linking as you describe will be a kind of link wheel? If it does so then that might be harm for all the three sites. What would you suggest then?
  3. danieljohns

    Ahrefs Ranking

    I perdonally like Ahref too but one thing that irritates me the difference between the number of back links between the Ahref and mejectic seo. Both show diverse number of back links for a same web site. It really puzzle me that which one is to be accepted or other ingoned. Suggest what do you think?
  4. Fellows i have practiced many seo strategies and getting good rankings time by time on Google. I need to know that what practices i must focues on frequent basis to get my keywords on top on both the search engines like Yahoo and Bing?
  5. Fellows i am loking for a software or datebase that would help me to handle website database and let me store it in one format. If you are using any those helpful softwares please share your experience and site.
  6. Saggy how i can check the links are live i have posted so far to include in the excel file?
  7. Hello friends this is Joshi. I would have a good time over the board and a meaningful and purposeful contribution from my side to not only gain new knowledge but to help the others too. Thanks