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  1. You can use user and pass authentication. Or you can use IP authentication(you can add 3 IP's in our control panel). If you will order a big package of proxies, we can add more IP's.
  2. We have many proxies. You can choose from our control panel: User and Password Authentication or IP Authentication.
  3. If you need proxies for Facebook, my advice is to order private proxies. We can allocate you unused private proxies. If you are interested to order, you can order from here: PRIVATE PROXIES
  4. proxynvpn

    Godaddy issue

    I remember having problems with GoDaddy a while back now with down time all the time and their customer support being awful. I have found that HawkHost is a better alternative for me, very little down time if any and they have great customer support.
  5. proxynvpn

    Your favorite Social Network

    For me, it would have to be Facebook that I feel I get the most traffic from when using Social Media. If I am able to rely on the hash tags that I use I have found that I can reach quite a wide audience and gain a lot of traffic, it takes patience though and a lot of work.
  6. proxynvpn

    Failed YouTube Marketing. But Why???

    With any video on YouTube you yourself need to help it go viral. I always find that with any kind of video sharing it on Facebook can work wonders to help it go viral, if you have an interesting enough video and people enjoy watching it they will share it.
  7. proxynvpn

    How to stay on top of ranking?

    Whatever you are doing right now is working well so I would continue to stick with the methods you are using now and don't change them if you can help it. Keep building backlinks and keep bringing in fresh new content and things will continue to stay as they are for you and get better.
  8. proxynvpn

    Does the bookmarking still work?

    I don't believe that they will ever stop working because sharing your links on these websites is always going to add another backlink which is good for you in the long run. What you need is constant activity on the accounts you use to advertise to keep the links flowing and gaining more backlinks, you will eventually notice results if you are dedicated enough.
  9. proxynvpn

    What is your best traffic source?

    My best source of traffic is probably posting on forums and using Social Media websites. If I am honest though posting on forums regularly is the one I get most traffic from on a regular basis so I tend to focus on that and do small amounts of promoting on social media.