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  1. I can't see a bump button on my sales thread. Is it just me?
  2. Hey everyone, how's it going?

    Hello, The community actually is awesome isn't it? I am a newbie here as well. But seeing that I am older than you here and hence a senior, I welcome you (hehe). Just kidding buddy. Have a great time!
  3. That's a great report. It's all about improving user experience. You have to make sure that the consumer sees a value in your product and then it's all about stream lining the entire process. This is why the new minimalistic web design is getting popular.
  4. Tiered Linkbuilding Experiment

    Exactly what I was about to say. And if backlinking works then it does not matter if it's a link wheel or a link pyramid or any other sort of backlinking, It's still going to work!!
  5. I do hope that you backed up the content. 554 articles is a lot of content that can help you with creating a blog and monetizing it. Don't get me wrong. Posting lots of content on a blog won't automatically ,make you money. But if the content is good and you drive quality content to your blog, I don't see a reason why you can't make a handsome amount off the same content.
  6. Paypal Payment issue

    Changing your password wasn't ever going to help. Passwords help YOU access the site safely, however, the payment depends on the terms you agreed on with the site.What you need to do is to contact the website about the payment issue. I am pretty sure that they have a "cancellation" section hidden somewhere on their website. They should since they are required to. However, if they do not respond, have a look at the Paypal help section or contact Paypal directly. I hope that helps.
  7. Sort of off topic - Following Rich Dad's advice?

    I am a BIG fan of Robert Kiyosaki and the moment and I saw "Rich Dad" in the title, I knew I had to go in. Robert challenges all the norms and motivates us to have an "already rich" mindset. Now since we are talking about property, I assume we are talking about property investment, not just buying a big house for yourself. Let's be clear, your house is a liability. It's something that takes money out of your pocket. Any other property your buy is an asset. The simple philosophy of my life is to have AT LEAST have a plan B for income ( and a plan C.) I usually have three income streams all flowing at the same time. Why 3 and not 2? Well, that's because when income stream 1 does run dry then I will still have 2 income stream. Like I said there ALWAYS has to be a plan B present.
  8. Domain Suffixes Your Thoughts

    There is no difference in ranking for a .com or .info or .guru domain as far as Google goes. They have even gone official and said that there is no biasing. The real question that you should be asking yourself is the consumer impression that a non .com domain may portray since you take branding so seriously. Personally, I will prefer www.motorbikes.com as compared to www.motor.bikes
  9. I tried but the link is broken. When you click the link it says "Post not found"
  10. This is GOLDEN! I must say that this could have easily been a killer WSO. Thanks!
  11. Make Money in 2014- What's Your Plan?

    I have been playing around with CPA for a couple of months now. I have been pulling odd sales here and there but nothing too serious. My main focus till now has been to read about it and gain more insights to the techniques that veterans apply. My main target would be to affiliate marketing as a business. Enough to earn a living wage from it. Affiliate marketing is my passion. I love marketing and have a gift of knowing how people (read: potential customers) think. I hope that this happens soon enough.
  12. That would depend on your requirement. If your main concern is that the article should be unique and the quality of writing is not an issue, then you can look into freelancer.com and odesk.com. Many writers there belong to developing countries and charge a fraction of the cost that an English speaking native would charge. If you want some serious writing then I would steer clear of these freelance sites. Most of the IM forums have a dedicated market place where you can find plenty of writers. I hope this helps.
  13. What have Google done now..

    UPDATE: Google has acquired "Deepmind", a firm that deals with Artificial intelligence and computer vision. They were developing an algorithm that allows machines to differentiate and recognize objects in an image without any human intervention. Since image generally means anything that a computer/robot can "see", it would necessarily mean that the computer recognizes what it is looking at. It could then theoretically call a subroutine from a cloud storage. For example: It sees a door knob, it knows what it is and just have to call a sub routine labelled: "round_door_knob". Now, it knows what to do with it. To put it in more matrix terms, it doesn't know kung fu. Oh wait... now it does. Google says that the main use of the technology will be to aid image search. Yeah, right.
  14. Hi There, I was just prepping up to post a sales thread but had a few questions. 1- Do I send Username+Sales thread title+Sales copy to both the email addresses? 2- What should be the title of the email sent to advertising@trafficplanet.com ? Is it the same: "Sale Thread Approval"? 3- Do I get to format/style my sales thread after it has been approved and posted? I hope I am not a bother. Thank you
  15. Most of the newcomers have the "shiny object syndrome". They keep chasing new ideas to make money online and don't stick to a method long enough to actually see some money rol in. My biggest advice to new comers is to make an informed decision and pick something and then stick to it.