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  4. Totally agree with this too... If you are adding value and giving people what they want then is it really a bad thing? People are looking for solutions to their problems and in a cluttered Internet world sometimes it is hard to find the right solutions. But the key is adding REAL value. If you are spamming a crappy product and don't plan on improving it then that's where people go wrong IMO
  5. True... This doesn't work anymore because CL has figured out what people were doing. However, there are always sneak methods to maximize growth and leverage new (or even older) platform but you just have to be creative. I like Quicksprouts Growth Hacking guide. This guide even talks about CL's spamming methods in more detail and how to think of other 'creative' ways to grow your business.
  6. Marketing Automation Startup

    Good call. We have seen some good successes with solos so far
  7. I'm curious to know what others have done for their startups to promote them during the prelaunch/launch stages. Where are the best places to recruit affiliates? What social media tactics have you used? Awards/contests/etc? Thanks for the help!
  8. Here is an explainer video if you want to check that out:
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  10. Facebook ADs - Do they Work?

    Ya I like Facebook ads. They have worked great for us. One tool to consider is Social Lead Freak to get your CPC/CPM way down and get super targeted people to click on your ads. If you're looking for someone to go straight from Facebook to buying your service you probably won't have much success. You need to send them to a landing page to grab their contact info to market to them afterward. You know they are interested in whatever you're selling but when they are on Facebook it generally isn't the right time to pitch to them.
  11. First off, $5/month for affiliates won't get you too far unfortunately. Affiliates are all about EPC and that is not enough of a payout to get a high EPC. Plus the LTV of the customer is most likely unknown so if they only stay on for 2 months then the affiliate is not to excited even if you have all the affiliate tools in the world. Here are some things to do however: - Forums (clickscoop.com and FB group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1403959059823589/; imlaunchr.com; jvnotifypro.com) - Use Google Images - http://www.jameswedmore.com/recruitclickbankaffiliates/ - Find Niche Bloggers - http://blog.clickbank.com/2013/09/23/get-more-affiliates-by-connecting-with-serious-niche-bloggers/; http://mashable.com/2010/04/23/blogger-outreach-pr/ - Make personal connections with affiliates at live events (people promote who they know and like) Hope some of those ideas help a bit! Best of luck!
  12. ahrefs.com as well as moz.com are both good. you only get limited data without a paid account though
  13. Your favorite Social Network

    For fun personal use I enjoy Instagram. However, from a traffic standpoint i think Facebook is the best just because of the many different traffic building methods as well as the diversity of people on Facebook
  14. Guest blogging is still effective?

    I wouldn't only look at guest posting as a form of building back links to your site, but also establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. If you guest post on a popular blog then people will start to get to know you and check your site out. Then if you play it right you can get them coming back to you as well as the blog you guest posted on