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    I enjoy learning about SEO and testing methods for results. SEO and online marketing seems like the modern "wild west" and I am happy to be in this industry, even though at times it can make me want to pull out my hair.
  1. Hello, I am looking for serious affiliate marketers that already have experience and skills selling products online. My products can be sold via your own website, social media, Pinterest, Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc We are currently selling products internationally and receiving great reviews so we would like the assistance of more marketers willing to expand the global reach of our brand. You will not have to ship or handle the product as we provide that for you. Commissions up to 25% Send me a PM with your experience and examples of how you have sold products online before.
  2. Hey Tp! Lately, a majority of my websites (I track 30) are stuck on pages 3-4. The rankings shot up from not found to about Pages 3-5 in October and have seemed to fluctuate up and down a little bit for the past 5 months. Here was my strategy - 1. Select targeted keywords based on relevance and competition 2. Onpage optimization via Titles, Meta descriptions, Heading tags, Alt image text if applicable, and having the keyword within the content. 3. Send out a Prweb press release 4. Create a Youtube video and top 5-6 social media profiles (Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) 5. Create 15-20 Authority Site links (Purevolume, Soundcloud, crunchbase, zimbio etc.) 6. Create Local Citations (Yelp, City Search, Yellowpages etc.) 7. Guest blog posts on PBNs 8. Post relevant unique blog posts on my aged Web 2.0s 60% of anchors are website url or brand name. other 40% is mix of keywords and variations of the keywords with some generalized anchors. I ordered tier 2 links for the Youtube video, authority site links and local citations to increase the page authority of those as well. So far these strategy gets a lot of sites to that page 3-4 spot and then sits there even when I continue to create posts, blogs and social media mentions. Any suggestions or tips would be very helpful. Let me know if I am missing something and I hope this thread helps others!
  3. Iprovideseo

    Few Observations

    Thanks for the information, I have noticed similar things including websites with very little links ranking well for Local SEO. For local SEO what would you recommend as a ranking strategy? I've tried creating Google Places listing, local citations, PBN links, adding reviews and real social media commenting/posting and it seems that my local sites are stuck on pages 5-8
  4. I wanted to also mention that I set up webmaster tools on 2 SEO test sites that got the unnatural links warning. After thinking about what Nik0 said I realized why these two websites got penalized. A majority of the links 70% where from the pbn even though they had natural anchors the links to the site all had either 6 or 1. There was only 30% of the links from other sources such as Wordpress.com and tumblr blogs, prweb and pinterest etc. When I looked at other sites that didn't get the unnatural links warning but were on the same blog network the link profile was totally different. Instead of only 20-30 links (penalized websites) with an average of 6 or 1 links per domain these sites had over 100 and varied in the amount of links per domain think (600-1) From this I think Richard's advice is perfect. Find ways to rank websites first with other techniques then use your PBN to finish it off
  5. Yea like 80% of the time the backlinks are spammy but every now and then like 1 per day I can find a decent site. I think you are on to something about having too many of the same CMS's with the same number of links. For example my blog network is about 50% WP sites, 25% joomla and 25% drupal all with about 5 or 6 posts/links. Maybe because there is the same number of links on each website it is easily to see? I do have an About Us & Contact Us page on each website, but I plan on adding random things like Services, Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions etc. To make it more randomized Let me know how it goes Nik0 with the new strategy
  6. I was planning on doing something similar but focus more on Domain Authority/Page Authority and Majestics Trust flow. So for example, purchase 100 PR 0-2's that have a DA/PA of 35+ and Trust flow of 20+ I think that depending on the credibility of the links going to the PR 0's and 1's this could push a lot of juice towards the linked websites. One problem I have is that I continue to drip feed posts on my network and the rankings have been falling since mid April. It's almost like the more links/posts I put up it just continues to devalue the current links and pushes all the sites down. Do you guys see the same results? Btw the most posts my PBN's have on the homepage is 6
  7. Iprovideseo

    Algo update or major refresh in April?

    A couple people on other forums did notice a slight shift. Maybe my PBN got exposed Only one website got the unnatural links message and it was a test website. So not sure what to do now
  8. Has anyone else seen major fluctuations in rankings since Mid april? I was doing great for several websites (PBN posts, real social media posts, and guest posts) and then from about April 11th - April 17th all of my websites crashed to pages 6-8. My top 2 anchors for each website are always the natural link, with www. and with http://www. as well as brand name. So anchor diversity is there with only about 5% keyword anchors. The links are distributed throughout the website such as home, contact us, services, category pages etc. Anyone else see similar things happen to their sites last month?
  9. So far 2 votes are in, thank you! Let us know your thoughts and will post the results once there has been over 25 responses!
  10. Got it, that is a good strategy! I think I am going to test it out
  11. Hello, I have a new service coming out soon and before I launch it I wanted to do some market research beforehand. If you are interested in purchasing links from a blog network with different hosting accounts, low OBLs, High DA/PA, different platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla & Drupal then please share your thoughts with the 3 question poll. I will be actively monitoring this thread to find out the best way to provide SEO services to you!
  12. Thanks Richard, your comments are always the most helpful. I do something similar to what you say, where I purchase a domain name such as Lawyer-"Location".com and then rank it for leads. However, I think you are saying purchase like 5-10 websites and rank them with related keywords to the main clients website? Sort of like a private blog network but very niche specific? Also, do you have any extra tips for ranking Google Business listings? Thank you
  13. I have been doing a lot of research on local seo and asking my clients where their best leads come from. After collecting the survey and the most popular answer was when they ranked on Google Places (A-F on Maps for local search results) they received the most phone calls. This makes a lot of sense that searchers will skip above the fold ads and websites and go straight to the listings with addresses, directions, and a map. What I need help with is finding out how to rank Google Places listings. Here are the current optimization strategies I do but haven't seen good results yet. 1. Having local citations on yelp, yellowpages, city search, merchant circle that match with the Google places address, phone, website etc. help. 2. Using as many categories relevant to your services as possible 3. Having an active Google + account that manages the Google Places listing 4. Getting real reviews on the listing 5. Including the city and keywords in the description Here is what I am guessing might help rankings 1. Building backlinks to the Google Places listing 2. Getting more followers on Google + 3. Sharing the Google Places listing on social media networks especially Youtube and interlinking all of them. 4. Have a Press Release sent out with your Google Business page linked Has anyone successfully ranked Google business listings? If so, what strategy did you use?
  14. As an SEO, I am actually not worried about if links don't become a factor in the future. There will always be an algorithm and factors that are weighed to rank websites. We just have to test, run isolated experiments on new websites and find out what makes the algo happy for good results. If factors in the future becomes social posts, whoever has the most likes or whoever has the best reviews on yelp etc. we can always find ways to optimize for those factors. I'm going to watch that Webinar now