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  1. If you pay pennies for hosting (hostgator/bluehost) your going to get a crappy service. Although I know hostgator has great support, their shared hosting packages are crap
  2. Pages or Posts...which is better?

    Sound's like you have it planned out, unless the website is a blog I always use pages. The only time I use posts is when I'm writing a blog post
  3. What Is Currently Working For SEO Agencies?

    You'd have to contact the SEO agency and ask them directly because each agency's answer is going to be different. Some agencies will have rubbish strategy's but charge through the roof, while others may be dirt cheap with promises of high results but are strictly blackhat and will risk your site.
  4. No it doesn't take months. I can't comment on Wix, as I've never used it. I got a freshly registered domain indexed in 6 hours. Have you built any backlinks to the website yet?
  5. Great tips, if your going to be writing a decent piece you want to have a plan, you should really write it over a course of a few days. I mean if you really want something high quality to share, you can't just write it up off the top of your head in 30 minutes. I couldn't agree more with your point about correcting grammer and spelling mistakes when your writin, i try to avoid using the backspace key at all times when writing another over a paragraph really i find you get a much better flow and you can certainly write articles a lot quicker, you barely spend anytime correcting the spelling and grammer mistakes after you've written the article especially because you should be proofreading the content before publishing it, which is the perfect time to correct those mistakes.
  6. The easy way I get twitter followers.

    I've used similar websites to YouLikeHits in the past. I've used Fiver gigs in the past, but usually just stick to using using automation software on spam accounts, I wouldn't use software (tweet attacks for example) on my main/primary twitter accounts, only on throwaway accounts.
  7. Blog Commenting to Build BacklinksCommenting on blogs has always been used as a way of building backlinks, it can be really effective as long as your commenting correctly. This article is strictly talking whitehat seo, I’m not talking about spamming every blog you can find, or talking about using software to automate the blog commenting process, so don’t expect references to Scrapebox or other SEO automation software. So how can we use Blog Commenting to Build Backlinks to our sites? The best way to get high quality links from other peoples blogs, is simply to read their blogs. I have hundreds of different blogs in a wide range of different topics in my RSS reader, subscribing to the RSS feed of the blog means I don’t have to visit the blog to check for new content, I’m notified when a new blog post is posted, can read it write a comment and usually get a backlink the same day of the post. I’ve always used blog commenting as a way of building long lasting backlinks to my websites, I’ve got backlinks which are over 3 years old which I built by commenting on blogs, over the years I know I’ve lost some of the links, but this was due to the blog disappearing, or the post being removed, but this really shouldn’t put you off the manual blog commenting process. Unlike with comment spam, it’s very unlikely for an Admin of the blog to remove a genuine comment from the post, in fact I’d say 75% of the time the author of the post replies to my comment, some simply approve the comment and never bother replying which I find rude, clearly they read the comment, spending thirty seconds to write a reply isn’t really asking much is it? Getting Blog Comments Approved There isn’t any point in wasting time writing a comment if it’s never going to get approved, blogs with auto approve comments get spammed to death, you don’t want to be commenting on blogs which have spammy comments approved, we want to be using blog commenting to build backlinks which are going to benefit our site, not harm it. The key to getting your comments approved, is to write a decent comment, spend a couple minutes reading the post and create a discussion, I try to end my comment with a question and usually the author will approve the comment and then reply to it, avoid repeating what other people have already commented. I tend to address the author by name, “Great article Luke†for example, again this will help get the comment approved and look genuine. Use a real name in the “Name†field of the comment form, you’ll find using an anchor text will massively decrease the number of comments which get approved, I never approve comments with an obvious anchor text in the name field. Use a real e-mail address too, I never approve comments which have a fake e-mail address, I’ve setup a seperate e-mail account which I use for blog commenting, often I’ll get sent replies to my comment to the e-mail address. Finding Niche Relevant Blogs Finding niche relevant blogs is essential if you want to build quality links, you’ll also find that some comments can generate targeted traffic to your website. The obvious thing to do is use Google and search keywords in your niche, pick out the blogs and get commenting, but there are other ways to find blogs in your niche. Don’t forget to either add good blogs in your niche to a seperate folder in your bookmarks, or subscribe to their RSS feed. The thing to remember when blog commenting to build backlinks, you can comment on 5 posts on 1 blog, which providing all the comments get approved, you end up with 5 backlinks on 5 pages from 1 domain/site. Here is a list of websites you can use to find niche related blogs Google Blog Search Search Engine Wordpress Tag Search Search Engine Twitter Tweet Search Search Engine Stumbleupon Social Bookmarking Digg Social Bookmarking Technorati Blog Directory Best of the Web Blogs Blog Directory Bloggeries Blog Directory Blog Catalog Blog Directory Globe of Blogs Blog Directory Managing Link Building Campaigns If you have multiple sites then your going to be wanting to build links to all of them, I always include manual blog commenting in my link building strategy so I know it can be a real pain to keep everything organised. I’ve found the best solution is a spreadsheet to keep track of where your commenting, have a separate sheet for each project/website. For each comment I make I write down the: Date comment was posted URL of the blog post ‘Name’ used for the comment ‘URL’ used for the comment Notes about the post, maybe high PR, highly niche relevant etc The best software to use to create documents like spreadsheets is Microsoft Office, I use Excel to manage all of my link building campaigns, it’s fast, reliable and has tons of useful features and functions which you can use on the data you collect. -- Article was taken off my blog Terror Cash. View the original here: Blog Commenting to Build Backlinks Feedback appreciated. Discussion welcome
  8. Depends on your budget really and what the logo is for, if you want a high quality service then your better off investing more money, if you just want a quick logo which looks alright you could just use Fiver, don't get me wrong you can find some great designers on there if you search around, I've had a few $5 logos which look great. You can look on forums for people offering a logo design service, a lot of great designers mainly generate their business on popular IM/webmaster forums. You could also look around for company which specialize in logo design, prices can range from $19 to $xxxx+. Check out http://99designs.co.uk/logo-design
  9. If you're still looking for testers let me know, would be happy to give you some suggestions for features etc
  10. I've had some great ideas for promoting software, only really used ClickBank and Amazon, looks like they've got tons of great software to promote, signing up now. Great article
  11. Yahoo Answers Strategy

    Yahoo answers is nowhere near as effective as it used to be, it's been spammed to death recently although they are good at removing the spam. Your best bet to get your answers to stick is to provide quality answers, mix up the resource link, don't always leave your site, use authority websites like wikipedia as well, I'd drop in some of your web 2.0 backlinks and article directory submissions as well just to mix it up. Also make sure to answer questions in different sections, even in niches you don't have websites in and don't even leave a link. You need a level two account for hyperlinks, so you'll need to work on each of your accounts for a few days before you'll get live links, although I always see some instant traffic, I get traffic from posts I made a year ago so it is worth your time.