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  1. Hi to all I need writers who can write 15,000 words or longer eBooks. I'm paying $250 per eBook if it's quality and well formatted. Reach me through PMs or email me at: lukadragic187@gmail.com
  2. You are doing great mate. The most important is to keep smashing forward. Even if you do make a mistake here and there, at least you learned something. And your strategy seems fine for now. If you want more help regarding marketing and SEO, share the niche.
  3. You shouldn't report anyone. I never did. And to be honest, sooner or later, they will be noticed by Google so going for black hat was their worst choice!
  4. Go with as many traffic methods as possible. Travel niche is very unstable, and of course very competitive. I had lot of troubles with my travel niche website few years ago but I managed to score some great rankings (there was no Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird) for some short tail keywords which brought me solid traffic from Google. I keep rocking with YouTube videos so I can build more audience. It turns out that there is a great potential on Youtube when it comes to travel niche. I think you will also need to spend some extra money on ads. You should analyze the market and see if there is potential websites where you could put your links. If not, just go with Facebook ads. They are great solution in this niche. Keep rocking and let me know if you need anything else.
  5. VukasinI

    What is your best traffic source?

    Google has been working great for me. However, I really like to focus on building referal traffic sources that sometimes I don't even care how Google will rank me. I usually end up having more traffic than I expect to have. I'd recommend taking time diversify traffic and put strength into Guest Posting, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting lot more than only relying on Google.
  6. It all differs from niche to niche and from how well you know your audience. Facebook Ads work great and could bring great results if you know how to use them.
  7. VukasinI

    Best source of traffic

    Just search through the Internet. Search through the posts here at Traffic Planet. Search through other forums and start writing every traffic method. Then, start exploring it, and see if you could adjust any of those traffic generation methods for your website. If it seems it will go well, start testing. See how it goes and with this technique you will be able to sort out every method on Internet and use only those who will bring results for your niche website. I used this when I was starting out, it can be helpful I think.
  8. Wow, I haven't been visiting Traffic Planet for a long time and now I come and saw lot of my threads updated including this one. Thank you all for revealing your traffic sources. What I noticed? Diversity! There is no traffic source that could fit every niche on the internet so we need to adjust and create our own if needed. Good job guys, keep rocking!
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  10. I'm really interested to hear your current success with Twitter. How much traffic you are able to drive to your website/blog?
  11. If you are determined and have some knowledge, you have chance to beat your competition no matter what. If it is highly competitive, it takes more time, more learning, more testing and more working. The best advice I can gave you is to read a lot and start applying some of the tecniques slowly. So don't submit thousands of links daily no matter if they are manual, natural and whatsoever. If you have any other question, I would be happy to answer!
  12. Hey folks I'm interested to hear. What is the best advice you've ever got about SEO? Were you affected by that advice? Maybe changed your life? Share the advice with others, please!
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    Hi There!

    Welcome to the forum! Enjoy buddy. I hope you are going to learn and earn something!
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    Hi newbie here!

    Welcome to the forums buddy. Enjoy!
  15. There are literally thousands ways to drive traffic without Google. I haven't tried them all, let alone that I master some of them. I've been into Marketing for over a decade and I notice that I only scratched the surface. There is so much potential in Social Media that no one could master it. Except Social Media, I recommend Content marketing, Video Marketing, various of different communities like forums, blogging communities... If you only go deeper you will be able to see that there are really powerful unused source of traffic like traffic from SlideShare. It is not so hard to make a good PowerPoint presentation nowadays and it can literally drive you thousands and thousands of free traffic if you make it to the SlideShare Homepage. I usually blog about these stuff on my blog, so if anyone wants to check, you can follow the link in the signature. Thanks.