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  1. Hey, i'd like to share a post of my blog here, it took me some time to only find best and put it in my list, i hope everyone likes it and if this comes a aspam you may remove it and i applogize for it Top 5 Paid And Free Email Responders
  2. irfanrufi

    7 Tools I use to Spy on My Competitors

    That's really helpful but why use so many tools and you might want to add traffictravis there
  3. 554 lense , you'd be making much for if you had a blog i guess
  4. irfanrufi

    YouTube Monetization

    yeah it's adsense you can cpm according to the country
  5. irfanrufi

    Information about Adsense Account

    if you use different ip and address then yeah why not as there are more than 1 "xyz" in the world
  6. Thanks for postign this needed motivation
  7. irfanrufi

    Difference Between a Blog Post and an Article

    they're the same i think in SEO perspective
  8. irfanrufi

    Can't put code in signature

    i used BBcode didn't worked :/, can anyone gimme a example code i would appreciate it
  9. i just read a thread titled "article marketing is not dead" so yeah i dont think it's dead lol, but you rather do it manually and not use bot
  10. irfanrufi

    Does an EMD hurt now?

    if you're doing everything whitehat i don't think it would hurt but it's not effective as once it was.
  11. i know it's a noob question but i want to put my blog's link in my sig like "Click Here" but all i get is plain html link, can anyone help me out here what i have to do?
  12. like everyone else is saying 301 redirect is the best way or i dont know if it reccomended or not just delete that old site
  13. irfanrufi

    4 SEO tips for newbies

    as most of people have started saying content is king and linkbuilding is queen but i would say focus more on the king. i do really hope so this not come as spam but i possted some basic SEO practices on my blog which will helpful for you and others http://netguidelines.com/basic-seo-practices/
  14. Thanks for the share mate, thats a great and fresh technique although bloggers and other people in every niche looks in to emails that often so the blog post you written possible has the high conversion rate as they also being pro bloggers
  15. irfanrufi

    Doing Facebook marketing? Then read this

    if you sucked you wouldn't have a award winning blog ^__^ , love your blog dude and thanks for sure, social media has become on of the best way to drive traffic to blogs.