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    Internet Marketing is my passion. I am still learning everyday....If you need any help please refer to my website at: http://www.warocks.com/, I am more than willing to help you in any aspect of Internet Marketing. Best Regards.
  1. product or information?

    No I would recommend you to go for both Adsense and Amazon affiliate as you can integrate both methods together and generate more money. Trust me I have do it and I make more income by using this method.
  2. I agreed with point #1 as keep on stopping and writing will only slow down your writing. #2 is correct the more you read and the more knowledge you have as a result you can write more things that you know. #3 I agree with you as you need to plan out, writing out draft before starting a complex article as it will save you time and you will know the directions where to go. You will not stuck in between of writing articles as there are a lot of times when I'm struck in between of articles and don't know how to continue to write more details. This is the problem if you never plan beforehand when you want to write a complex article. This is very true. #4 is correct, you need concentration in order to get the maximum output any distractions like Facebook, Twitter, Wechat should not be turned on as all those apps only disturb your writing and lower the quality of your articles. #5 is correct too to make your articles appear professional you need to use different words like (not encouraging) becomes (deter) etc. It will make your article looks professional and more people are willing to read it. It has also being mentioned in grammar correcting software such as the WhiteSmoke software. #6. Go to forums and find out more details on what people want to know and write articles about it and respond to it. This is what Matthew Woodward does and he has been very successful now; generating more than 10k per month. Thanks to this approach. #7. Correct. what I do is to download eBooks and read them so you will be a master of a subject and you can write anything effective and efficient.
  3. I also experienced the same thing.
  4. It wastes a lot of time on creating good content.
  5. After testing out all the spinners including the famous Thebestspinner, I have concluded that WordAi is the closet to perfect human readable article spinner. What I usually do when building tiered backlink pyramid is to use Kontent machine + WordAi together which usually give me perfect human readable article. If you need any article spinning service just pm me.
  6. Scrapebox is the only tool that I can think of but you need a fast computer.
  7. Does an EMD hurt now?

    Nope it don't hurt now, EMD still helps! I ranked several websites without any problem as long as you don't OVER optimize it like doing crazy on-page SEO, I put keywords on title, h1,h2 that's all and backlinks.