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  1. Did not go through all the 73 pages. Sorry for asking in case you have already answered somewhere. For 100 posts order, can we give more than 10 anchor texts for same URL?
  2. Nice thread with great discussion. Just subscribing it.
  3. Thanks but this issue was few months back. Now I have disclosed everything in above posts already.
  4. Let's do the math again for 57 KWs. If someone wants to go for more KWs then 1/pack month is not enough. For 2 packs/month the price is $499, which comes to $250/pack. We are using emailwire.com/major_news_media.php for our Press Release. They are charging $299 and you will need to provide the PR. Their quality standard is high and you can't use $5 PR there. Our PR alone is having more value than whole pack. I have tested almost all tools and services around and 99% of the time never got value for money, clumsy report, after paying chasing people to do it (which I hate the most). Majority of the links got from the pack going to stay for very long. This is what we got after 7 packs ($1750): PR4 - 5 Pages PR3 - 10 Pages And few hundred unique visitors/month. This is what we got after 7 packs ($1750) + half of 12 packs($1500 - because the main work is still pending): PR still same as waiting for PR update, it should be same or up, but can't guarantee. Unique Visitors as of 28th Dec.: 3,278 ( not to forget that there were major panda updates in last few months) $ = Nothing yet as none of the product converting. Going to change it to adsense from 1st Jan. By the time we will finish our 19 packs, I am expecting to have 5K+ unique visitors. And if we are able to have $200-$300/month from adsense this is the value of the site after spending $4750: If $200/month = $4000-$6000 If $300/month = $6000-$9000 Above calculation is based on flippa average selling of 20x to 30x. There is nothing magical we are doing here. If anyone has resources they can do it in less amount. But what matters is quality of work and report after that and communications. Which most of the services are lacking outside. They are there for quick bucks. But I am here for long run. Once we have enough clients and testimonials, price is going to go up for sure. I have not introduced the service in any forum yet but going to offer from next year. If anyone would like to start a brand new case study using our packs, can PM me or skype:saatviksolutions to discuss. I will back it up with 100% money back guarantee. Thanks! Rajesh
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    The way Maulana do things, I wish there are more choices. And today I found one. I am going to add couple of domains to this network for the support and hope one day it will be bigger and better than ALN. Greg, Best of Luck for the Network!
  6. Below are screenshots from Rank Tracker rankings in Google and Bing. In actual there might be bit +/- Thanks! Rajesh
  7. We are in our 11th week of link building. As mentioned in my earlier post, we have completed our 7 packs and in process of another 12. We have completed our 7 packs in 10 weeks instead of 14 because everyone wants to know the site and results. We are close to what I have committed in my first thread. Instead of 10 KWs in top 10 of big G we have 9 already and in Bing we have 19 KWs in top 10. As this was a test site and we are quite busy in other client projects, I am disclosing the site and KWs detail below. In my another thread I will pass you all the ranking details. As promised early, side-by-side screen shorts are there. Thanks! Rajesh
  8. My dear if I can achieve rankings in less than 3 months for highly competitive KWs, I don't have to waste my time here. I don't own search engines and no one knows their algorithm. And Google is changing it 400+ times in one year. Since I have started this case study, there were major panda updates. Still for the sake of update below is the latest data after starting link building activities 2 and half months back. Total no. of pages including home page = 15 PR4 - 5 Pages PR3 - 10 Pages KWs in top 100 of Bing = 40 KWs in top 100 of Google = 34 KWs in top 10 of Bing = 11 KWs in top 10 of Google = 4 No. of unique visitor in Dec 2011 is 525. So far we have used 7 Sugarcane Packs and in process of using another 12. Total 19 packs were created to cover 57 KWs. We have also done a private case study and below is the view of the member: "It was pretty clear from the outset for anyone with any degree of SEO savvy that Rajesh's strategy should be very successful (depending on the quality of course) and even have the potential to get lower competition keywords in the top 5 of Google even over a short period of time. However the proof of the pudding is in the eating so how would it cope with a competitive travel term with 398 million results and all in title (exact match) competition of 248 thousand, and if that wasn't enough, on a website that has been under big G penalty for over 2 years? Answer: Brilliantly, Rajesh delivered a quality campaign that delivered positive and strong results and exceeded all my expectations." Dave Talbot, UK www.newforestguides.com If anyone would like to get the details of his case study, PM me as I don't have the permission to post anywhere. Thanks! Rajesh
  9. As of now it's less than 2 months since site goes live and we have started doing link building on it. As of now 29 KWs are in top 100 of Google.com and 26 in top 100 of Bing. Bing also has 3 KWs in top 10. Site went live on 12th September and we have started these packages at the start of October and have not completed yet. One of the member contacted me and we are doing private case study for him at cost. Finishing his pack by next week. I should be able to update by end of this month. For the cost it's few thousand dollars. I have SEO+Content+Design team. Design and Content team members are expensive and each person costs $400-$600. Where as in SEO team only TL and Project Manager are $400-$800 range. Rest of the SEO team members are below $400. But don't forget rental of space, infrastructure cost, utility and other miscellaneous exp. I hope it helps. Thanks! Rajesh
  10. I also agree with kakaboo. I would not like to get involved any one. Those who think that anyone can cheat others by ranking first and showing later, maybe dreaming already. If I or anyone else can rank for highly competitive KWs in one month, we don't have to spend time on forums showing our point of view. Instead start 10s or 100s of projects every month and rank in one month and sell them. I am not doing any magic here, not using or trying to sell any product, not trying to trick search engines or anyone. If any one has a crappy website, no mater what you use for rankings it's not going to work in long run. I have already explained the strategy above and any one can use it if they have the resources. There is no special software required. It's just having quality back links from different sources on your quality website. If your onepage is not good, it may not work well. First step is to have a website with good onpage and then build quality links to them. That's all, no magic bullet. I personally think that I am answerable to myself than any one else in this world. I can lie or cheat to the whole world, but not myself. So friends just relax and sit back, you are going to get every thing over here as we progress. One thing I am still not able to understand. In this thread I have not promised anything, not selling or sold anything, not making any promise that this will make you millions and still people are so curious to know the KWs and website. Whereas out there so many our fellow IMers are selling eBooks, courses, software etc. and I have not seen anyone who has shown any live case study. Still people are queuing up to buy their stuff. Maybe we are used to hype already and want to see everything immediately. Cheers! Rajesh
  11. Your point is valid but no one can pretend as data is not created by me, it's by Google. I will show side by side screen shots to make sure nothing is fake there. Also will show all the facts to prove that whatever i have mentioned above nothing is false or forged. Below is the detail of the domain data which shows it was purchased on 24th August 2011. I will post side by side details with the domain. The point is very simple. There are hundreds of backlinking methods and tools out there. Not every method and tools worked for everyone. Is there anyone openly comes up in public before launching their service and showed that it worked? Not really, I have not seen any one. No one can guarantee 100% and no one is ready to put their repo at stake. If the strategy work well, then only they launch the service showing old data. For me this strategy worked every time as of now and I am pretty sure majority of the time it will work for others. Instead of showing past data, I have started this thread to show the live results later. Since I am putting my repo at stake, I can't reveal all the data at this stage and already promised I will, once some results are there. Still if you guys are not happy and can't see the point. It's fine with me and I can ask moderator to close this thread. I will still post side by side comparison on my own blog later. Thanks! Rajesh
  12. Hi Guys, You seems like miss-understood. There is a difference between experiment case study and live case study I am doing here. Even in experimental case study done by Terry himself 2 years back on warrior forum here http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-ppc-seo-discussion-forum/124306-terry-kyle-s-big-60-day-backlink-experiment.html he did not reveal any KWs. He was doing experiment only. Here I am not doing any experiment and not taking anyone's advise on what I should do and what I should not. Based on my own experience I have fine tuned my back linking strategy, which worked very well for me. I already have some sites to show for my sales page. Every one in IM world is bragging about they have achieved ranking for this KW and that KW only after getting the good results. Those who failed to achieve rankings for the KWs they never come up in the public. Here I am coming up in the public openly before even any rankings are achieved. If I am failed here in public, I have no right to sell my services to any one. In that sense it's fair to protect the KWs and site until some results are there to show. Thanks! Rajesh
  13. G Singh, Thread is meant to pitch the new upcoming service. Everyone in the IM world are showing old results. No one has shown where they were not successful. Once they are successful then only they come up with something to say that what worked for them and may work for others. But I am having this live and whole purpose of it to show live that if it worked or not. If it does not work, also everything will be here. I don't want to pass on too much info, to harm site in start. Anyone can build bad links to it if they really want to jeopardize it. Just plying safe and no harm in that. Based on my experience I should be able to show all the KWs and site in 2 months time. Don't have to wait too long. Thanks! Rajesh
  14. Hi Fellow Members, It's me or anyone else also noticed that none of the site is showing any PR today. Thanks! Rajesh