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  1. Yes it is completely useless, but it still made me money.
  2. I could make one easily if you provide me with a link of edu redirection URLS
  3. Grammar gods died. It is just meant to generate those .gov redirection pages so you don't have to do it manually, then you take all the generated links and put them in whatever indexing thing you got and its will supposedly magically make you rank higher, its bullshit, I made it for the "lolz" and to make a statement against fiverr and SEOClerks idiots who sell and buy these kinds of ***** services.
  4. Hey, I thought I'd share the novelty bullshit that beginner SEO's are going to gorge themself over, here is the easiest way in the world to generate useless .gov backlinks to your domain http://marketingguard.com/gov
  5. Let me answer the first question that pops into your mind straight away! What is Split testing?Split testing is a way to test 2 different version of a website/squeeze page/Sales page to see which one of them performs better in terms of CTR(Click Through Rate). You can do minor or major changes to their web pages when split testing different version, you do this by either changing images, colors, placement and the body copy(your marketing text-mumbo jumbo) and see which one increases the rate of the action you want performed( More people clicked the green colored button version than on the blue colored button version) Here is an example of a what 2 versions of the same website could look like: (Image is of some split testing that was done to HighriseHQ) How can I do split testing for free?Lets be totally honest, there are a bunch of marketers out there trying to sell “premium split testing products†that do pretty much everything free solutions already do for well… free What we are going to do is to make 2 versions of a single product eCommerce website(SimpleHTML with a PayPal Buy Now button), for this particular test i will use a website that have been up and running for a few weeks already. The website we are going to be split testing sells an Electronic cigarette kit called a “Lavatubeâ€, don’t panic if you have no clue what any of that means, it is a new niche that I happen to have a bit of knowledge on and is trying to capitalize on. The Website looks like this right now (Click to enlarge) Left: Original – Right: Variation Since I am just doing this for demonstration, All i will do in the 2nd version of the website is to rearrange the “Kit Includes†and “Shipping†Section and move them over the image of the whole kit. This version of the webpage i save as index2.html and upload to my web server. After the variation have been uploaded to the web server, I go into Google Analytics and enter the account for the website i want to split test. Copied from my blog. Please visit http://marketingguard.com/tips-and-tutorials/split-testing-in-google-analytics-tutorial/ to view the full post with proper formatting.
  6. Great idea, I have a software review blog that i have not posted content to in awhile, I am just letting it sit there for now, I plan on starting to post to it and outsource reviews for it sometimes in the future though
  7. It's a good start, but considering that the reseller hosting account costed 300$ / year I am actually loosing money, BUT, If i reopen my free hosting plans I would be able to build a niche targeted email list I will deffinitively experiement more with this in other niches in the future and build upon the knowledge i gained from this.
  8. I give you permission to re-post it if you want. ^^ I was inspired by your blog, so if you ever want a guest post I would be honored to put ya up on mine my email: helge.sverre@marketingguard.com
  9. Since I was new to the whole link building world and didn’t know how to effectively start building links, nor did I know how to create a bunch of them or tier them in any way, so for my first Serious “money site†i decided to outsource the offsite SEO part of project. Domain: CloudBeast.net Domain Age: 5 Months Niche: Web Hosting Target Country: United States PR: N/A(0) Information About The WebsiteI started CloudBeast as a hobby project where I resell web hosting services from one of the largest web hosting companies that exists today, I aimed my price point to be on the cheap side as well as provided free hosting, I did this mostly to attract customers and because I wanted a bunch of free customers that I could use as training and a learning experience on how one should run a web hosting business, manage clients and deal with payments. I promoted the website on Reddit.com/r/webhosting at first and that attracted around 3 paying customers, several other free customers came through organic search or through hosting directories that I had submitted the site to, the free users make up around 90% of my customers, and most of them just sign up and don’t do anything with the site after signup. Keyword ResearchI did some keyword research and found a keyword and sub-niche I wanted to target, it had a low amount of searches per month but if i tailored my hosting services to that niche I would probably have more sales as it was relevant to what the user was searching for, as well as if you rank for one keyword, it’s easier to work your way up and rank for more competitive keywords down the road. This keywords was: cheap personal webhosting. Notice that the word “Web Hosting†is misspelled and put into one word, you will see why this is interesting later. Preparation: On-Page SEOBefore I purchased the link building gigs from SEOClerks I started optimizing my title tags, meta tags and website content on my website, I added my keywords in the title like this: “CloudBeast | Cheap Personal Web Hostingâ€, and whatever was appropriate for the about, ToS and various other pages. To make it imitatively clear what the website was about I added an image of some servers(Purchased from a stock image site) in the middle of the front page right above my CTA. I also sprinkled some of my keywords into the main page where I have a little description of what my website offers and who it is for, granted this could and should be longer than the 250 words I used. I added a very clearly defined Call-To-Action button on the center of the front page that said “Check Out Our Hosting Plans ->†in a strong orange color that fit nicely with the rest of the color scheme of the website Link Building: SEOClerks GigsI used these services as they had the highest ratings, a lot of positive feed back and the provider of these services seemed competent in what they where doing. $57 - ROCKET-YOUR-RANKINGS-With-My-ONE-STOP-SEO-SHOP-Alpha-Plus-Package $29 - ROCKET-YOU-TO-THE-TOP-WITHIN-10-20-DAYS $5 - manually-create-2xPR9-3xPR8-23xPR7-36xPR6-46xPR5-Backlinks Total Cost: $91 USD Effect on RankingAfter I had let the campaign run for around 1-2 months I had successfully ranked in the top 5 for my target keyword, but not only had my site done that, it had also picked up rankings on various other keywords as well. I used RankTracker(Watch my tutorial here) with proxies from BuyProxies.com to track and check all rankings and competition. These keywords were cheap personal web hosting (correctly spelled) personal webhosting (misspelled) cloud webhosting (misspelled) RankTracker Overview (Read my Tutorial here) I added a few other keywords when I noticed I was ranking for these as well, Sorry for not having earlier keyword ranking data, I purchased this software a few months after running this campaign. Other Ranking ReportsAhrefs OpenSiteExplorer(Moz) RankSignals Effect on TrafficI have not seen any major increase in traffic although i get on average around 20~ unique visitors per day, if I start promoting it on various forums and blogs I might see a better increase in traffic and sales. Google Analytics Reports Effect on Sales and ProfitDespite my low cost web hosting and marketing efforts and discount codes I have yet to see an increase in sales, although this could be due to many factors like color choice, my simplistic design and the fact that my website does not have a lot of information about the service, this will be the first thing I am going to improve in the future. WHMCS Reports Read the full post with proper formatting on my blog Marketing Guard
  10. HelgeSverre

    SB Bomber Review?

    Spamming unrelated links is never going to be effective, that tactic stopped working a loooong time ago. You need targeted organic or referral traffic from manual links that you build yourself.
  11. Hey guys, if you are anything like me you might prefer to promote software products instead of ebooks or various schemes and services. You can much more easily review software, provide support and make tutorials on software than you can with an ebook or online service. So I compared 2 of the best(in my opinion) Affiliate Networks dedicated to software products. Avangate Pros They have A LOT of offers available, I checked and there is currently 26013 products from 1502 vendors, and new ones is added every day! The commissions you get on some of the offers are often up in the 40-70% range You can create custom discounts, I recently did a review on IOBit Advanced System Care over on my software review site(WiP) and I created a custom 50% discount code with the site name as the coupon code, although this will be subtracted off of your affiliate commission it can help you increase your affiliate sales. You can customize where your affiliate link will point to, for example you could have a “buy now†button on your site that leads the user directly to the shopping cart to purchase a piece of software instantly, or you can point the link to the product page(what I do) to give the user more information. The user interface is very user-friendly and you can find the information you need pretty easily. Most of the vendors have enabled “automatic approval†of partnership requests, this means that you can find a product, request partnership, write your review and publish it in the matter of an hour or so depending on your writing speed, in contrast to CJ which can take you up to a week to get approved. Cons The product filtering could be better, there is no way to hide all products from a vendor you are not interested in, for example, there was a vendor named wondersoft(or something like that) which had tons of these video conversion products which I was not interested in at all, and had to click through 10~pages to get past these products.I don’t really have a lot of cons to give to Avangate, it have treated me nicely, and I find their service easy, fast and very powerful, I totally recommend them if you are planning on promoting software or offering software coupon codes. Screenshot BlueSnap(Plimus) Pros Their product search list gives you a nice overview of the product title, average earnings per sale, the commission rate, how many active affiliates there are promoting the product, a short description and a marketplace score Their “Product Links†page gives you a great overview of the affiliate links of the products you are currently promoting, and gives you the ability to export the list of “BuyNowâ€, “Trial Download†and “Product Information†Links to Excel or a CSV file, this is an excellent feature to have! The dashboard gives you a nice overview of the sales you have generated, and when the last payment was sent, as well as a list of the products you are promoting with a nice list of sales and revenue. Cons Their dashboard and product search can be quite slow at times, searching is particularly slow sometimes. They don’t have as many products to promote as Avangate, currently there is around 1300 products. This might be nitpicking on my part, but their strict password policy prohibits you from using a previous password going all they way back to 10 last passwords used… I mean seriously.. Punish me more will ya? Screenshots Conclusion If you are looking for ways to monetize your software review site, coupon site or whatever you are doing related to software I would suggest checking out both of them, they are both free to join, and you don’t have to do anything fancy to get accepted into the programs, most of the vendors/publishers have automatic approval enabled so you can quickly go through their product database and find the ones you want to promote, and get your links and coupons almost instantly. A Slight repost from my blog, but i though you guys could benefit from it as well Original Post
  12. I Use RankTracker from Link Assistant for tracking keyword rankings and other various metrics, it gives you a fast and powerful user interface to get a quick overview of your performance. I created a tutorial and a overview of ranktracker, you can watch it here: Or you can read the full post here
  13. I grabbed Ranktracker a few days ago, pretty happy with it so far. I created a tutorial and overview of the program, you can check out the post here or if you are just interested in the video tutorial you can click here