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    Increase Your Traffic from Google Plus by 353%

    I'd advise getting someone to edit it for usage and style if it is destined for a US audience. And I would drop the cursive font, it is too hard to read. I suggest that if two fonts are going to be used, then keep them in a similar style. A quick search for "Infographic font choices" brought me to these two useful articles (with infographics of course) about the psychology of fonts. And then, in the first one, there it is: a link to a great article about font combinations. The authority of what times you suggest to post is lacking. There should be some data on this by now, I am not going to search that one out for you as well. If there is none, then at least include a quick description of your methodology. Infographics usually summarize succinctly what has already been proven in more detail elsewhere. From where do these times come? No one is going to spread this around and suggest it to their readers as a rule when it is only guesses based on what your posts do. Also, drop the word "you." It is terrible writing. Use the passive voice instead. Compare the previous sentence to "You should use the passive voice instead." AS passive voice is generally weak as well, here is a trick I developed in college: replace all uses of the word "you" with the word "one." I would further suggest to continue to rewrite as to eventually get rid of the word "one" as well, but if one must use the second person, at least no one feels as if he is being lectured. Specifics to this piece: Where does the 353% come from? It's a great title, but it appears to be made up, so bounce. The sentence after What now is completely useless, bounce. Why are Google+ groups the best? Compared to what? Just hitting up your personal circles? Using Facebook? Now here is something actually useful and informative: how to distinguish which are active groups. But then it doesn't state what is a good or poor level of activity. Just subtracting doesn't work, is the group with the question mark a better or worse group? The size of the group would seem to also be important but how? Is a smaller but more active group better? If so, why? None of this is explained well at all. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  2. Advocate512

    Social Media Management Recommendation for Client

    Its support of Social Media Markups is poor to nonexistent; it forces one to use owl.ly when a third party such as bit.ly would be preferred. I have generally been disappointed in quality of the results that you get compared to a properly marked up entry posted with whatever the native app is, whether Facebook, Google+, etc. What I would really like is way to automatically differentiate the SMM content across the platforms, and a way to spin an added-value comment to a retweet/repost across platforms as well. Hootbulk helps out with both sortcomings as you can mark up the posts, run them through bit.ly and then trick Hootsuite into using those links. But who knows how long it is before they shut that down just like a lot of their tricks are continuously getting neutered by Twitter/FB/etc.
  3. Advocate512

    Social Media Management Recommendation for Client

    Thank you Stanley! I thought that everyone was gone. I bought Buzzbundle, but haven't cracked it open yet due to finals. Does it do Open Graph/Twitter cards? What would you recommend for my client? SEOPressor does the markups and other stuff for a $99 one-time fee, but I don't know much else about it.
  4. Hello everyone, and thank you for such a wonderful site! I am an MBA student whose team landed a quite well-known client who puts on about five large events throughout the year. EAah event operates essentially as a sub-brand. We need to recommend to them an SMM that they can use in-house to manage those accounts. We started with demos of Spredfast and Marketo, but both were $1500-2000 a month, and they are targeted towards SMM firms that handle hundreds of different accounts. These guys will handle at most 6-7 sub-brands that each has a Twitter, Google+, etc. We then moved to Hootsuite Pro, and it seemed to be about what they were looking for in terms of scale, and it lets employees have access to work the accounts without compromising passwords. Various shortcomings left us wondering if the team features were enough, and We tried Socialoomph and Scoop.it for their content scraping but neither were great at repurposing the content easily. The team wants to try Storify next, and I want to try Buzzbundle, but I can't see if it does teams from the description or the limited trial. What would you guys recommend: 1. For us to recommend for our client to use? They will want something white hat and relatively user-friendly. 2. For me to use, that is, what bot do you guys use? There are so many I've run across now: Link Follower, TwepiBit, Twitter Money bot, Twitter Marketing Robot, etc. that is hard to get my head around it. Thank you so much!
  5. Advocate512

    Do Web 2.0 still Work?

    It doesn't look like the OP is here anymore, I don't see any activity this year. I would be interested in what sites he linked from that killed his rankings